Thursday, July 5, 2018

Sanskrit Hebrew Etymology Symbolism: Vedic Origins of Civilization

Mark Twain, William Durant, Geoffrey Higgins, Stephan Knapp, Richard Thompson, Edward Peacock, Michael Cremo, J Douglas Cremo, and many important Western Thinkers and Philosophers talked about the Vedic Civilization as the source of the World Civilization and also complained about Christian Rome messing with the truth about the subject.

Once encouraged by reading William Durant's "Our Oriental In heritage" , I started doing my own research and kept a meta blog called "CommonWorldInheritage.Blogspot.Com" updated with my milestones in the journey.

Here is another guy who thinks the way I think about Jews being Vedic people before they got kicked out of the fold.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Lav and Kash - Lavant and Kush/Cassites

Luv and Kush went westward to establish cities like Lahore and Kasoor.
The region of Levant in strictest sense is Syria or Surya and Cassites or kashis are indicative of these princes going and establishing their kingdoms.
They found the stone carving of Ram and Sita in Iraq and also in Italy.
Many Egyptian king and queens called themselves Rami and Seti. Egyptians will get their princesses wives from Hittites or Lebanon or Lavanan who will bear Ramayanic names.
Indians went to Lebanon to make Balbek temple in Lebanon as recorded in their history.
The Brahmi Script and Phoenician script, part of Lebanon is the same. The Phoenicians are called paaNikaN in Vedas.
Interesting Raam, Sita, and KAsh also mean white and lava is from lavaN which is white salt.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

NarSimha from Egypt and Germany

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Now Egyptian NarSimha discovered. A few years back German one dated 32000 years was discovered. 40000 BC man stepped into Europe from NW Indian Peninsula.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Ramayan in Peru?

History we know is written by new kids on the block from England mainly. We ignore Indian system of History. Valmiki Ramyan has description of Trident on Hill in Peru, which has Nazca lines and Sacsayhuaman sites. Nazca lines are giant iconic markers like used in GPS navigation with runway like strips for landing. Nazca could be Naksha as "z" is approx for palatial "sh" and confused with another sibilant "ksh" as we go towards western languages. Given that, Sacsayhuaman could be "saakshi hanuman" or place which witnessed Hanuman. Peruvians celebrate Ram Sitva festival as per Sir William Jones.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Common Indian and Russian Background


It is established through Mitochondrial DNA studies that people from North Western Indian peninsula stepped into Europe in 40,000 BC.

It is well known that there was an Icen Age around 12000-13000 BC.  It is quite possible that the people from Russian Artic came back south to avoid the harsh winter.

Human migrations can be cylonic in patterns over Space and Time.

Friday, March 30, 2018

AUM Signs in Sumerian Clay Tablet

Please look at the 3 AUM symbols with green lines next to them on their respective right sides, Please note the consistent "dotted indent" on respective North-East corners to make up for "Chandra Bindu".

Sumeria is Su-Meru-ia and an Aryan state.  The coins and artifacts from Indus Valley and Dwarika are found in Babylonia and Sumeria sites. 

Turkey has had discovery of 12000 years old temple in Goble Tepki and nearby in another temple they found the shaved head stone of a priest with tonso like that of Brahmins. The blog has an article on it.

In Anatolia, some 125 plus years back, they had found a pillar of peace treaty depicting Vedic Gods. 

So this is in line of these facts.