Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Ramayan in Peru?

History we know is written by new kids on the block from England mainly. We ignore Indian system of History. Valmiki Ramyan has description of Trident on Hill in Peru, which has Nazca lines and Sacsayhuaman sites. Nazca lines are giant iconic markers like used in GPS navigation with runway like strips for landing. Nazca could be Naksha as "z" is approx for palatial "sh" and confused with another sibilant "ksh" as we go towards western languages. Given that, Sacsayhuaman could be "saakshi hanuman" or place which witnessed Hanuman. Peruvians celebrate Ram Sitva festival as per Sir William Jones.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Common Indian and Russian Background


It is established through Mitochondrial DNA studies that people from North Western Indian peninsula stepped into Europe in 40,000 BC.

It is well known that there was an Icen Age around 12000-13000 BC.  It is quite possible that the people from Russian Artic came back south to avoid the harsh winter.

Human migrations can be cylonic in patterns over Space and Time.

Friday, March 30, 2018

AUM Signs in Sumerian Clay Tablet

Please look at the 3 AUM symbols with green lines next to them on their respective right sides, Please note the consistent "dotted indent" on respective North-East corners to make up for "Chandra Bindu".

Sumeria is Su-Meru-ia and an Aryan state.  The coins and artifacts from Indus Valley and Dwarika are found in Babylonia and Sumeria sites. 

Turkey has had discovery of 12000 years old temple in Goble Tepki and nearby in another temple they found the shaved head stone of a priest with tonso like that of Brahmins. The blog has an article on it.

In Anatolia, some 125 plus years back, they had found a pillar of peace treaty depicting Vedic Gods. 

So this is in line of these facts.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Lines of WIsdom

न मन मरा न माया मरी, मर मर गया शऱीर
मृगतृष्णा न मरी, क्षन क्षन क्षीर से बने फकीर

मैं रोया परदेस में, भीगा माँ का प्यार
दुःख ने दुःख से बात कि, बिन चीठी बिन तार

... छोटा कर के देखिए जीवन का विस्तार
आंखों भर आकाश है, बाहों भर संसार

लेके तन के नाप को, घूमे बस्ती गाँव
हर चादर के घेर से, बाहर निकले पाँव

सब कि पूजा एक सी, अलग अलग है रीत
मस्जिद जाये मौलवी, कोयल गाए गीत

पूजा घर में मुर्ति मीरा के संग शाम,
जिसकी जितनी चाकरी उतने उसके दाम

नदिया सींचे खेत को, तोता कुतरे आम
सूरज ठेकेदार सा, सब को बांटे काम

सातों दिन भगवान के, क्या मंगल क्या पीर
जिस दिन सोये देर तक, भूखा रहे फकीर

अच्छी संगत बैठकर, संगी बदले रुप
जैसे मिलकर आम से मीठी हो गयी धुप

सपना झरना नींद का, जागी आँखें प्यास
पाना, खोना, खोजना साँसों का इतिहास

चाहे गीता बांचिये, या पढिये कुरान
मेरा तेरा प्यार ही हर पुस्तक का ग्यान

Sunday, September 24, 2017

On Idol Worship and Polytheism

On Idol Worship and Polytheism..

The concept of "murti" is from the concept of "mirror". Note "mirror" is a corruption of "mUrt". 

The Microcosm is nothing but reflection of the Macrocosm. Like our Body housing trillions of microbes and bacteria as lives, the Macrocosm was hosting trillions of lives like us.

To worship the Macro cosmic God, we resorted to Reflections of Devas or Semi Gods who represented many different aspects of the Nature. Then we saw God everywhere in all kind of forms. So we are not Poly Theists but Poly Morphic Principle Worshipers,

The word is connected with "mURat" or the Auspicious Time or "Kaal". Every time is a reflection if Itself and the Feminine Form is "mURati" or "Kaali".

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Ways of the World

दुनिया सीधे कीले को ठोकती है,
लोहावर को पूजती है।
सीधावर भले ज्ञान को पूजे,
लोग नंग नाच मैं मज़े लेती है । 
कुछ लोगो को वकालत की आदत होती है,
जहाँ आग ना हो, वहाँ आग लगाने की ।
जहाँ नज़र साफ़ सुथरी हो,
वहॉ एक चश्मा चढ़ा देने की ।
जब अपना मन पारंगत ना हो,
दूसरे को नंगे करने की।
हर कोई मुखियां नहीं हो सकता,
प्यार चहिये सागर सा, दिल आकाश का ।

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Sanskrit Snake and Ladder Board Game Found From Turkey - And Eve-Adam-Snake connection

Snake and Ladder Board Game with Sanskrit Texts and Mt Meru drawn but baffles the modern Archaeologists because of lack of their knowledge of Sanskrit.

Similarly they have discovered Vedic Brahmin Shaved Head with Tonso. The Tonso indicates that the Brahmin has gone through the second birth like a Kundalini Awakening and called Dwij or Second Born. The Egyptian Pharos would wear the Cobra Head in front to indicate the same Divinity or status of Realized Masters.

The discovery of the most Ancient Temple of the Work called Göbekli Tepe again shows this Vedic Ancient past.

Near Göbekli Tepe is Nevla Cori or Nevla Suri where they found the Priest Head Stone.

The myth of Eve, Apple and Adam is connected with the words: (1) "nevla", the enemy of snake,(2) "seb", "sev" or "sa-ive", or with Eve or like-Reality, and "adaU" (beginning person) or "a-dam" , one with no control or assertion, and also "naive" or "na-ive" or "Not Eve".

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