Sunday, September 16, 2018

Turkey was Vedic Aryan State like Rest of Most of Middle East

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AUM Signs in Sumerian Clay Tablet

Sanskrit Snake and Ladder Board Game Found From Turkey - And Eve-Adam-Snake connection


The Etymology of Eve, Adam, Evil and Naive

These are readings from Gobekli Tepe - 12000 years old temple and the oldest so far - where near site they found a shaved Brahmin Priest Head with Tonso. The pony tail represents the status of second birth after Kundalini Awakening where the human consciousness gets rewired.


Saturday, September 8, 2018

Royal Aryan in Ecuador

This is an embossed metallic sculpture depicting a royal or high ranking male or a soldier. 

See the features. Does it look Aryan? But it is found in Ecuador. Look at the forehead and see the "Bindi" mark. The frown between eye brows can't be reaching upper forehead and while posing one will be pleasant. 

Then look at the snake, dress, and head gear. Does it look Indian?

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Copper Plates in Ecador - Continued

The artifact found in Ecuador has a picture of Shiva sitting on Bull or Ganga on Crocodile.  Please note the "horns" like Pashupati.
The other artifact has scripts and some are Brahmi and some are Indus and it could be pre Sanskrit era.
The Indus Script resembles Eastern Island Script and DNA of some white looking Southern New Zealanders from ancient times, before Europeans arrived, matches of the people of NW India.
It seems they left India after the Mahabharata War. There could be many waves of migrations.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Copper Plate Sanskrit Text in Ecador discovered in 1984

This 1500 BC or pre Sanskrit era artifact amongst others depicting Pyramids and Eye in the Pyramids were found in a cave in jungles of Ecuador. Please remember the Vedic Aryan State was spread from Phoenicia to Egypt to Hittites to Mittanis to Babylonia to Indus Valley which each region sharing commonness and uniqueness though bonded culturally, religiously and DNA wise.
The script here is Brahmi and Indus Valley. I have already shown Egyptian Demotic and Babylonia Omyad (note Om) to be invented Devnagri.

The artifact has snakes, and the script in the floor. Please note the dress which is still worn by some Indians - the chudi daar pyjaama, tunic and shawl and the cap seems to be royal form. In the Middle East and India, the snakes were workshipped
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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Sanskrit Hebrew Etymology Symbolism: Vedic Origins of Civilization

Mark Twain, William Durant, Geoffrey Higgins, Stephan Knapp, Richard Thompson, Edward Peacock, Michael Cremo, J Douglas Cremo, and many important Western Thinkers and Philosophers talked about the Vedic Civilization as the source of the World Civilization and also complained about Christian Rome messing with the truth about the subject.

Once encouraged by reading William Durant's "Our Oriental In heritage" , I started doing my own research and kept a meta blog called "CommonWorldInheritage.Blogspot.Com" updated with my milestones in the journey.

Here is another guy who thinks the way I think about Jews being Vedic people before they got kicked out of the fold.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Lav and Kash - Lavant and Kush/Cassites

Luv and Kush went westward to establish cities like Lahore and Kasoor.
The region of Levant in strictest sense is Syria or Surya and Cassites or kashis are indicative of these princes going and establishing their kingdoms.
They found the stone carving of Ram and Sita in Iraq and also in Italy.
Many Egyptian king and queens called themselves Rami and Seti. Egyptians will get their princesses wives from Hittites or Lebanon or Lavanan who will bear Ramayanic names.
Indians went to Lebanon to make Balbek temple in Lebanon as recorded in their history.
The Brahmi Script and Phoenician script, part of Lebanon is the same. The Phoenicians are called paaNikaN in Vedas.
Interesting Raam, Sita, and KAsh also mean white and lava is from lavaN which is white salt.