Friday, November 16, 2018

AUM and Hawaii Connection

Ou mua mua - and connection with AUM sound
Hawaiian word for roughly translates into "first distant messenger" or Angel or Messenger of God or God itself.
"Ou" is to seek out. "mua" is "first or advance of or foremost" and reduplicated for emphasis.
In beginning there was only one Language, one people and one culture and religion.
"AUM" is the symbol for Brahman or God.
oum - is same as Auum or Aum
mua - reverse of aum
In traversal of Space and Time, sounds get morphed, and letters written upside down and from left to right to right to left.
Someone chanting "AUM, AUM AUM" may hear OUM MAU MAU or OUM MUA. MUA.
When you tell your name and numbers to people on phone, you would often notice people transposing the syllables or letters or even dropping them,
Native Americans and Hawaiian are Asian and Indian off shoots.
Native Americans like Hopi Chief told me that there ancestors came from India.
Recently an US Archaeology expert commented on discovery of Hanuman like Monkey God (with same posture - Gada or Mace resting on left shoulder, kneeling on left knee and the left hand resting on it) talked about the Hanuman connection. There is a story in one of the Indian scriptures on this connection,
In fact the sound of Hawaii or Havai could be Shavai like Sindhu->Hindu rule. Shavai is Shaivai.
california is kaal-pooRN-iya (It is the last land where time ends).
yosemite is yash-aum-iti (the mountain which is as famous as AUM and for Native Indians, the mountain is very sacred).
bermuda is bhram-uda (where delusion arose.

Naga and Maya Connection

# Naga Maya The Hidden Meaning of One to Ten
1. Hun Hun The Universal One
2. Cas Ca The Dual God
3. Ox Ox Who by His power caused
4. San Can The Four Powerful Ones
5. Ho Ho To come
6. Uac Uac To arrange things in order
7. Uuac Uuac To create, and
8. Uaxax Uaxax To make man and To stand erect
9. Bolan Bolan To make his parts revolve on themselves
10. Lahun Lahun He is two in one.

Oldest Statue 20,000 Years Old

The First Man, Dual Principle
Courtesy of P. K. Kosloff
Over 20,000 years old. From the ancient Uighur Capital, beneath Karakhota, Gobi Desert

Xingiang where Aryan Mummies were found and Aryans called Tachuria and in 1000 AD Kashmir King ruled. Not sure how it was dated.

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Friday, October 5, 2018

Ancient India was more connected with Egypt and Mesopotamia than taught today

A few days earlier, the BBC ran a story about the discovery of 12,000-year old petroglyphs in the Ratnagiri and Rajapur area of the state of Maharashtra in western India.

A couple of petroglyphs show astonishing similarities with well-known sacred symbols of the the ancient world:
1. A Winged Scarab which was very popular in ancient Egypt and symbolized creation and rebirth.The Egyptians called the scarab beetle "Khepri" and worshiped it as the “dawn sun”.
2. The Master of Animals - a symbolic motif that shows a person holding an animal in each hand by its hind leg or tail - that was widespread in the art of the Near East and Egypt.
These 12,000-year old petroglyphs raise many important questions. How did such complex concepts and symbolic imagery appear at such an early age? Does it reflect the esoteric knowledge of an erstwhile “Golden Age” civilization that perished during the cataclysms of the Younger Dryas epoch (10,900 BCE – 9700 BCE)?
Did some of the survivors of this civilization settle on the Konkan coastline of India and etch their sacred symbols on the hard, rocky landscape, transforming them into open-air altars?
I have discussed these symbolic connections and possibilities in a new article on my blog: "12,000-Year Old Petroglyphs in India show Global Connections".

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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Turkey was Vedic Aryan State like Rest of Most of Middle East

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AUM Signs in Sumerian Clay Tablet

Sanskrit Snake and Ladder Board Game Found From Turkey - And Eve-Adam-Snake connection


The Etymology of Eve, Adam, Evil and Naive

These are readings from Gobekli Tepe - 12000 years old temple and the oldest so far - where near site they found a shaved Brahmin Priest Head with Tonso. The pony tail represents the status of second birth after Kundalini Awakening where the human consciousness gets rewired.


Saturday, September 8, 2018

Royal Aryan in Ecuador

This is an embossed metallic sculpture depicting a royal or high ranking male or a soldier. 

See the features. Does it look Aryan? But it is found in Ecuador. Look at the forehead and see the "Bindi" mark. The frown between eye brows can't be reaching upper forehead and while posing one will be pleasant. 

Then look at the snake, dress, and head gear. Does it look Indian?

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Copper Plates in Ecador - Continued

The artifact found in Ecuador has a picture of Shiva sitting on Bull or Ganga on Crocodile.  Please note the "horns" like Pashupati.
The other artifact has scripts and some are Brahmi and some are Indus and it could be pre Sanskrit era.
The Indus Script resembles Eastern Island Script and DNA of some white looking Southern New Zealanders from ancient times, before Europeans arrived, matches of the people of NW India.
It seems they left India after the Mahabharata War. There could be many waves of migrations.

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