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Predicted And Documented Electron Proton Quantum Spin Entanglement in 2007/8/9 in a Private Book
Please read this for many details documented but not shared.

Same Picture I have in my private book ducmented - and my kids and wife havce seen me drawing them on many rubber balls to understand since 2007.

Basically the world "Quantum" is least understood, like GR, and Quantum Spins could not be linked to Classical Physics. Then things like Quantum Entanglement and Quantum Teleportation (read the word in some experiment where one particle disappeared in one place and appeared in another place at the "same time").

In my "private book" I have made this look very mundane and obvious (but the journey goes on).

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Entangled En Masse: Physicists Crank Out Billions of Entangled Nucleus-Electron Pairs on Demand
Setting ensembles of solid-state particles into entangled pairs holds promise for quantum computation

By John Matson | January 21, 2011 | 25


SPIN CITY: An artist's representation depicts the entangled spins of an atom's nucleus and electron.

Image: Stephanie Simmons

Entanglement, that most counterintuitive quantum phenomenon by which particles share an unseen link that aligns their properties, is looking more mundane all the time. Just last week two groups of researchers reported entangling a photon with a crystal-based device, potentially paving the way for solid-state memories that can store and then release entangled particles as needed.

Another week, another advance. In a paper published online January 19 in Nature a team of physicists announced that they have developed the capability to churn out pairs of entangled particles, billions at a time. (Scientific American is part of Nature Publishing Group.) The advance might someday allow for the streamlined development of quantum processors with a large number of quantum bits working in parallel.

Stephanie Simmons, a graduate student at the University of Oxford, and her colleagues created entangled states in phosphorus atoms embedded in a silicon crystal, entangling the spin of each atom's nucleus with the spin of one of its electrons. (Spin is a quantum property analogous to the pointing of a tiny bar magnet—an atomic nucleus or an electron can spin up or spin down.) "This is the first demonstration of repeatable, on-demand entanglement of an ensemble of spins," she says.

Phosphorus-doped silicon holds promise for solid-state quantum computing and quantum information processing, because each phosphorus atom has a relatively free electron that is open to manipulation, and because information can be encoded on both the spin of that electron and on the spin of the nucleus itself. And quantum devices based on silicon offer a relatively clear path to integration with existing, classical electronics. But no one had demonstrated the ability to mass-produce entanglement in such silicon crystals, which is necessary for some implementations of solid-state quantum information processing.

With a series of radio-frequency and microwave pulses, Simmons and her colleagues set the approximately 10 billion phosphorus atoms in the silicon crystal into an entangled state wherein each atom was in a superposition of two states at once—both nucleus and electron in a spin-up configuration in one state, or both spin-down in the other. Measuring the spin of either the nucleus or the electron collapses the atom's superposition into one of the two possible states. "If you measure up on a given electron, you know that the nucleus is up," Simmons says. (The entangled state was not completely pure, so some atoms did not cooperate.)

Ultimately, ensembles of entangled particle pairs could find use as quantum bits, or qubits, in quantum computers. A qubit's capacity to be both 0 and 1 simultaneously, and to interact with its neighbors via entanglement, would give quantum computers a huge leg up on ordinary machines. A massively powerful quantum computer based on an ensemble of entangled spins would need nowhere near 10 billion qubits, but it would require some way to move quantum information from one qubit to the next—perhaps by inducing the phosphorus electrons to jump between atoms. That feat, if it could be achieved, would help sidestep the difficulty of adding entangled qubits one by one, Simmons says, making for a more scalable approach to quantum computing.

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Global Presence of Ram

Why North Native Red Indian Americans of Alaska look like Mongols, why Meso Americans looks like the Indians, and why Peruvians look like Tibeteans?

Ramsar, Mazandaran

Lake of Ram - near Caspian Sea.

Ramsar, Rajasthan

Village in Rajasthan - there should be some lake, which may have dried up, as the word "saar" means that.

Inti Raymi

Ram is a Solar God Principle, worship in Peru. Note the word "Inti".



The mystic syllable AUM is a sacred word among the Hindus and is representative of the earth, sky, and heaven, ... The Peruvian Incas worshiped the sun as Inti Raymi (Ram). “Names that derive from Rama are pervasive in Native-American ...

ORMUS the Secret Alchemy of Mary Magdalene ~ Revealed ~ [Part A]: ... - Page 48


In Quichua — the language of the Incas, there are many words resembling Sanscrit, as Inti — the sun, while Indra is the Hindu god of the heavens. Raymi was the great Incan festival in honor of the sun, and Rama was a child of the sun in ....

Coffee: from plantation to cup: A brief history of coffee ... - Page 31

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AUM - 786 - Cross - Star of David - Wake Up Call For the World

I knew about this but the video confirmed it.

Aum is the Symbol of the Mother of All Principles - on which all known Laws of Nature rest on.

This is why the symbol "3" or "Snake" is also found in all Civilizations.

It is the Sum Principle - the Union and Creation Principle, the Ying-Yang, the North-South Poles, the Positive-Negative principle, found in all aspects of the Reality.

It is represented as the Shiva-Shakti-(and Ganesh), the Lingam-Yoni, the Sun-Moon-(and the Earth), Father-Mother-Child, the Brahman-Maaya, the Purusha-Prakarti, and the part of Judaic Tetragammation (which goes back to Proto Indo European), as the Tree of Life, the Star of David, the Cross, the Swastika or the Auspicious Cycle of Regeneration, etc. principle.

It literally represents the union of the two sexes and the product of it. The "3" is the Feminine Symbol, the "Tail" or the "symbol for long vowel U" in Sanskrit is the Masculine Symbol, and the "Eye", the "Dot", or the "Chandra (Moon) Bindu (Dot)" in Sanskrit, is the "Dotting" Child and its symbol - the "Moon" Of Our Eyes.

What can be the most sacred to the Humanity, and rest of the Flora and Fauna but the survival of Life on the Planet - and the Planet itself? But today Humanity in name of Extreme Capitalism, World Domination by a few Rich and Powerful Nations, Race, Religion, etc. and Colon-ism has forgotten this aspect, and exploiting the Nature's resources.

How long the Oil, the Gold, the Aluminium, the Forest, etc. would last? What would happen to the empty space created in ever growing underground mines and drilled out oil-reserved-spaces in terms of structural soundness for the inhabitation om the earth's surface? What would happen if the Ice Age or World Wide Deluge happens because of Green House effect and Global Warming? Where would Humans dwell?

Is this the Inheritance we want to give to our children?

BTW, AUM Sound is the Sum Sound Human Beings can articulate or hear. The 'A' is Guttaral, from base of Stomach or Guts (that is why it is called Guttural), the 'U' is Labial and the 'M' is the Nasalized Vowel. The sum sound energy created has to resonate from the bottom most part of the body's air cavity to the top most part of the air cavity. Please note all are vowels and in Sanskrit (or even Greek or PIE Languages) without vowels, the rule is that Consonants do not make any sounds until they are combined with Vowels. The North Eastern India, Tibet, China and Mongolian people make the sound of "HUN", which is a related sound, and that is why these people by the PIE folks were called Huns.

In terms of consciousness manifestation (what is life without that), it symbolizes the Waking State, the Dream State, and the Deep Sleep State - and the Absolute or Turiya is the Summom Bonum of the Consciousness. This is why Number 3 is represented in script to symbolize three.

The number 3 also represents the three States of the Matter, the Gross/Tamaasic/Black/Iron, the Subtle/Rajaasic/Bronze Color/Bronze, and the Causal/Saatavic/White Color - as mere symbolism to convey the concepts of levels of Evolution of the Creative Nature.

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