Monday, November 24, 2008

Atlantis Medallion And 'Aum', "Swastika' and 'Brahmi or Phoenician Letter'

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Aum in Crete Island

The Unexplained Mysteries Site has this so called 'Atlantis Medallion', along with many other world famous and ancient historical artifacts, which need to be explained by the modern historians, and contradicts the current history's so called '5000 Year Civilization Model' based on Bible Genesis. Just 250 years back the world view also included the creation of the world was 5000 years only. Most of the viewers have focused on the top of the artifact, and yet to decipher the inscriptions below the artifact.

Pictures from the site.

Ancient Atlantis Medallion - Underside of medallion, there are symbols and text that may repersent some kind of calender system.

Ancient Atlantis Medallion - Top view it has a crystal dome, you can clearly see that it opens. It may date back 13,000 years it was found in a small granite box.

Ancient Atlantis Medallion - In the center of the medallion there is blue sapphire pyrimid. Scientis think it may project some kind of hologram if they could figure out how to open the medallion.

Ancient Atlantis Medallion - Size compared to human hand

Ancient Atlantis Medallion - 'Aum' and 'Swastika' Symbols.

From Research

Ancient Atlantis Medallion - 'Aum', 'Swastika' and 'Brahmi'/'Phoenician' Symbols.

One of the suspected Atlantis sites is the Lost Continent of Lemuria (actually LaNGuria in Sanskrit but there is no Guttaral Nasal in English and it gets approximated with the sound of 'M' and then gets corrupted), which is supposed to be the Home Land of the Tamils, as per the ancient Tamil Sangam Literature.