Monday, November 17, 2008

Another Proof of Peru/Inca Connection With India


This also looks like The Lolladoff Plate, -Nepal. It is claimed to be found in Tibet, and is supposedly housed in a museum in Berlin.

But the video, Moon-And-Mars, in Frame 2:44 shows it as part of Incas Artifact (note the previous frame shows a saucer shaped pot with the same patterns).

After some initial excitement and impulse to spread the word, more digging has cast some doubts on the authenticity of the artifact (not sure what to believe) but the characters are very genuine, and the they are so many shades of characters, it is difficult to think that an UFO Promotional Video and its Author would use something less authentic. Sorry if I have misled anyone but there are other data pointers which also confirm this connection.

Please check the site, The Lolladoff Plate and it looks as if, there is more meat in this, which needs further digging. Then the two pictures, look very different. The one from Nepal is of very poor quality and more wide spread.

The one I have captured from the said video is more clearer, which makes me think that they are very different. If one floods the Google Earth - most of it - one would find Himalayas and Andes to be only two mountain ranges that stand out above the water. Then if one looks at the pictures of people from the two regions, Tibet and North East of Himalayas, and the Andes, one would find a lot of similarity, in their looks, their handi crafts, their customs and so on.

Then the Natives of Andes tell of certain "Veer Concha", which in Sanskrit means "Brave Sun", and they claim that he came from sea, was of white pale complexion, and fathered the children of Andes.

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Will appreciate if folks can spend time parsing the text in the picture and/or co-locating better pictures of the image or the artifact from the Inca Civilization.

It is now accepted fact that the Native Americans came from South And Eastern Asia, via seas from the eastern route, and not from the western route. When these folks migrated is a question, but it could be pre-historic with continued contacts till 1000 AD, after which India faced the invasions. Even DNA wise it is confirmed by the National Geographic Genome Projects.

Look for 'AUM' at the 2'O Clock Position (and accounting for smudging) and the Brahmi Scripts in the bottom. See if you can read "Meru" as well (it is in the faded ink at 6'O Clock and juxtaposed to imprinted characters which are in the darker ink). It is weird that Mars and Meru sound so close. Mt. Meru is suppose to be the Celestial Mountain on which the Celestial Sphere rests, and Mars is supposed to be a Planet where some advanced civilization once lived. Also note the Sun in the center, which is a common theme of Native American Calenders from different ages, of which two I have posted in the posting "AUM IN AMERICA", and one I still need to post, which has Brahmi script from Lake Heron.

From Common Brahmi And Phoenician Script

Another picture - far right of the artifacts displayed as part of clay sculptures displayed under Inca Civilization - showing the "isometric" view of the said object. It is strange that it shows a "saucer shaped" model with vortex and an alien, with a script imprints, both Devanagari and Brahmi, of various ink densities, that it is hard to imagine that is an elaborate hoax by someone. Then note that Peruvuans were suppose to celebrate "Ram Sitava" Festival, which was noted by Sir William Jones.

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