Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Heisenberg Uncertainity Principle vs Vedentic Brahman

Recently there has been a much contention about if the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle has anything to do with the Vedantic thought.
It is very obvious to me that most of the folks do not understand either of the concepts and because of their Anglo-Saxon based educational biases, jump to guns in attacking such statements made by Senior BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi. This statement he made is based on a supposedly historical fact that Vivekananda and Heisenberg met and discussed things.
First let us understand the Uncertainty Principle. It goes back to stating that the Position (displacement or distance) and Momentum (function of velocity or first time derivative of displacement or distance) cannot be measured with accuracy at the same time, and the order of approximation is related to Planck Constant. The difference of the Position x Momentum - Momentum x Position ~ Planck Constant/2 Pi. The delta of the two com-mutating products is related to the Quantum Momentum Operator having the Planck Constant and 2 comes from two products splitting the Quanta h difference. Mathematically this is a theorem as the Frequency Transforms of Displacement and Velocity are mirror of each other in time vs frequency domains. So a Spike in Time looks like a Flat Line in Frequency and vice-versa. So we cannot have the Displacement and Velocity as Spike Vectors (or Flat-Line Vectors) in Time-Domain (or Frequency Domain). So this has a mathematical basis.
Why was this model invented. Because the very act of applying one operator to do an observation changed the observed! This was seen in the Dual Photon and Electron Particle-Wave Observations. When no one was observing, in the Dual Slit Experiment, the Photon and Electron behaved like Waves, and when a measuring device was put next to one slit, the Wave collapsed to Particle Behavior! And similarly the Magnetic Spin was observed to collapse to Up and Down components in Stern–Gerlach experiment.
These experiments failed to account for the Vacuum of Space or Space connecting the observing device and the observed! Everything in Nature is not discrete but continuous. Thanks to MM Experiment, the Ether in Empty Space was ruled out, but now experiments like Static and Dynamic Casimir effects point to this Ether or Dark Energy. So at microscopic experiments, this "connection" between the measuring device and the measured entity would have some bearing. In other words, there is no free observation in Quantum Scales!
Now in Vedenta, the Brahman is explained as Empty Space before the Pot or after the Pot. Or it is explained as the Waves as well as the Ocean. Now the root "brah" means to expand, and it connected with the words like "breast" and "bra" in IE Languages. The Big Bang of Space is very much captured in the essence of Brahman which is constantly expanding as Brahman is Present Participle. So when the inquiry comes on "Who am I?", one has to start regressing oneself core by core, like an onion rings, to one's core, and that is the Self, or Individual Soul or part of Super Soul or Brahman. In scriptures they say, the Observed Object cannot be the Self as the Observer Subject is itself the Self! So Self cannot observe Self! Basically it draws the connection of the Self as the Infinite Brahman, and one co-ordinate in Brahman Space cannot accurate observe the another co-ordinate of Brahman Space accurately. Basically with our Senses we cannot ever observe Brahman (accurately)!
So in this sense the two theories are having parallels. So I am hoping that Vivekananda may have explained the Brahman aspect to Heisenberg and he may have been motivated to use this new metaphor to understand the Duality of Particle and Electron in QM and other QM observations!

Why India should promote Sanskrit?

Sir William Jones said, "The Sanskrit language, whatever be its antiquity, is of a wonderful structure; more perfect than the Greek, more copious than the Latin, and more exquisitely refined than either, yet bearing to both of them a stronger affinity, both in the roots of verbs and in the forms of grammar, than could have been produced by accident; so strong, indeed, that no philologer could examine them all three, without believing them to have sprung from some common source, which, perhaps, no longer exists."
I think considering what the Linguistics experts such as Sir William Jones have said on Sanskrit, and its comparison with Ancient Greece and Latin, and the implied inferior status of other IE Languages, in terms of its richness of grammar and copiousness, it is fair for CBSE to force KVs to adopt, once again, the Sanskrit Language, which is our National Treasure.
There is a plethora of books in Sanskrit which one does not get chance to encounter in the Westernized Style Education but important for people who would like to know and learn more about Ancient India.
I think the Sonia led UPA Govt has clearly shown apathy to anything that is culturally linked to the Vedic Aryans. Her world is centered around the Latin and Anglo Saxon World. English is basically a combination of Germanic, Latin and Nordic/Norse words.

How many educated Indians know the significance of number 432,000 and 25920?

How many educated Indians know the significance of number 432,000 and 25920?
Like Swasitka being found all over the world from the Ancient Times, the number 432000 finds its presence in different myths and stories all over the world but in fading significance, just like in India, but more significantly. Except for India, Babylonians said that they were as old as 432000 years old. In India it is the basis of the Yuga System. Carl Sagan, the noted American Astronomer, Cosmologist, Astrophysicist, and Astrobiologist, said that only in India the age of the Universe was calculated to the most accurate approximation.
The West and NASA has only come to understand the Earth's Precession in last 40-45 years and surprising come very close the numbers Indians had. The Western Astrology is based on Arabic System and only accounts for 2 motions of Earth. And only Chinese and Indian Astrology accounts for 3 motions of earth, and the third motion being the Earth's Precession. For every 72 years, the Earth precesses by 1 degree. Imagine how the Ancient Indians would have calculated this amazing number. Multiply by 360 and you get the Precession Year of 25920.
The Ancient Indians then took the LCM of the Cyclic Periods of the Planets and they came to the number 432,000. And then with some clever imagination and assumptions of relationship between Brahama Days and Years with Earthly Days and Years, they could come to the approximation calculation of the Universe.
There are many such anecdotes which makes us Indians stress the need of preserving this Ancient Indians wisdom and to do that one must pass on the tradition of learning Sanskrit from one generation to another generation. There should be some primary years for mandatory Sanskrit, and then in Higher Secondary classes it could be made optional and open to other Classical Languages like Greek or Latin, or French or German. There is a plethora of literature in Sanskrit which one cannot finish in one's own life time. It is just that post Indian Independence, the stress was given to catching up with the Western Civilization's growth, given that we had lost everything Indian remotely connected to us.
For those who would like to learn more, please read Vedic Astronomy.

Like wise, the Yogic Science has been slowly getting validation in last 25 years. Recently there were Scientific reports on Meditation altering DNA and Cancer Cells and Mind to Mind Communication. I have many more anecdotes in these areas, which I will share some other time.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Brief Overview to Religion(s) of Indian Sub Continent

The world should know that Hinduism is not a Religion - but a name given by the Westerners because of their lack of understanding of the continent's religious approach.  It is a way of life - where every individual can chose to be anything. 

The name is Sanatan Dharma, or the Eternal Right, whose basis is on one Mahavakya, Great Statement, which says, "ekam satya vipraa bahudaa vadanti", meaning Truth is one but many speak differently.

The land of India, in Ancient Times, was following many paths to worships, and within Indian School of Philosophy had many paths, and was based on Religious Amalgamation and Syncretism.

This approach led to so called Hinduism becoming more like an University where one can  wander and find the Truth his or her way without changing any religion.  So with this approach, Jains, Buddhists, Sikhs, Zoroastrians, Jews, Christians, Muslims and Hindus lived together - but the friction with Muslims stands out.  Compare to this, newer religions stand up as a College offering just one subject for PhD and Post Doc. 

It was for this reason, India absorbed all Alien Cultural Invasions and assimilated them to be part of India and Hinduism.

The religious divides of Vaishanavites, Shaivism, and Kali Worshippers, and various schools of Indian Philosohies like Yoga, Vedenta, Sankhya, Naya, Vaisheshika, Purva Mimansa, etc. learnt to live together in peace and harmony - despite the class system.

If India was not one country, one would have found it hard to believe that the different East, West, North and South regions of the land belonged to one way of life, despite so many Gods and Goddesses of these regions.  We were united by the thread weaving through so many pearls of wisdoms that the West started calling us Hindus.

But the same thread also was there amongst the states of Persia, Babylonia, Egypt, Greece and Italy. This the west calls it Proto Indo European Religion. Hindu influence was as far flung as Australia, Far East Countries, Europe, and Middle East and West that it is hard to believe. We have found Indian Gods and Goddesses statues in Australia, Indonesia, north east of Moscow.  If one studies the architecture of  Pyramids of Mayans and South Americas, and that of the Far East, one would see the similarities. 

The Religious wars were always between the Suras and Asuras - etymologically it breaks down to Suryas and Asuryas, or Syrians and Assyrians.  The land of Arabia (non Sun Worshippers) were the Asuryas in the Indo European Religion.  This war we see  now is transformed into Islam vs Rest of World or Sunnis vs Shias. 

There has been philosophical divides before but nothing like the mentioned before.  Like Vesta vs Avesta, Ramaniya (Romania) vs Aramaniya (Armenia), Brahaman vs Abrahaman, etc.