Thursday, July 27, 2017

Sanskrit Snake and Ladder Board Game Found From Turkey - And Eve-Adam-Snake connection

Snake and Ladder Board Game with Sanskrit Texts and Mt Meru drawn but baffles the modern Archaeologists because of lack of their knowledge of Sanskrit.

Similarly they have discovered Vedic Brahmin Shaved Head with Tonso. The Tonso indicates that the Brahmin has gone through the second birth like a Kundalini Awakening and called Dwij or Second Born. The Egyptian Pharos would wear the Cobra Head in front to indicate the same Divinity or status of Realized Masters.

The discovery of the most Ancient Temple of the Work called Göbekli Tepe again shows this Vedic Ancient past.

Near Göbekli Tepe is Nevla Cori or Nevla Suri where they found the Priest Head Stone.

The myth of Eve, Apple and Adam is connected with the words: (1) "nevla", the enemy of snake,(2) "seb", "sev" or "sa-ive", or with Eve or like-Reality, and "adaU" (beginning person) or "a-dam" , one with no control or assertion, and also "naive" or "na-ive" or "Not Eve".

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

YoniGuni Pyramind With Sanskrit Verses From Vedas (Possibly)


In the past I have talked about Yoni Guni and Berm Uda being Sanskrit terms and the mean what we have observed.

Bermuda in Sanskrit means 'bhram udaa' which means where delusion surfaces. This is what has been observed over centuries of recorded history.

Yoni Guni means the Womb of Gunas - the three modes of Nature. It is like the Ankur Vaat mispronounced as Angor Vat but it means Germination Place. Even in Yoni Guni the same thing happens as in Bermuda.

In recent article on why we see Pyramids all over the World, I have said they represent the Mt. Meru myth. This again connects the past Ancient World with the peninsula of India and the center of Aryans being Su Meru Khand or Samarkhand. DNA Studies have connected the Paternal DNA to a man in Uzbekistan village. I believe at one time, the North Pole was the Axis Mundi passing through this place when Aryans spread out. And they tried to recreate this myth. The dating would be also close to the dates when Mt. Kailash carried this title, which should be around 120000 to 140000 BC.

I also explained how Pyramids would create a change in Normal Temperature Gradient and even at the Apex create a Vortex Energy Flux. In Thermal Studies of Pyramid at Giza this has been observed. And at Bosnia Pyramid, they have observed the Vortex Energy Structure.

So the Bermuda and Yoni Guni Pyramids create Vortex Energies which mess with Natural Laws of surroundings, like reading on EMF, Gravity, Temperature, Pressure, Altimeter, Radar, etc. It is question of passing right above the Apex of the Pyramids.

Now the biggest scoop is the discovery of the artifact with the Sanskrit Verses. Indra they have called Jupiter by mistake.

They should find pyramids in South of Indian Ocean in lieu of discovery of the Continent of Lemuria which has been called New Zealandia.