Thursday, July 27, 2017

Sanskrit Snake and Ladder Board Game Found From Turkey - And Eve-Adam-Snake connection

Snake and Ladder Board Game with Sanskrit Texts and Mt Meru drawn but baffles the modern Archaeologists because of lack of their knowledge of Sanskrit.

Similarly they have discovered Vedic Brahmin Shaved Head with Tonso. The Tonso indicates that the Brahmin has gone through the second birth like a Kundalini Awakening and called Dwij or Second Born. The Egyptian Pharos would wear the Cobra Head in front to indicate the same Divinity or status of Realized Masters.

The discovery of the most Ancient Temple of the Work called Göbekli Tepe again shows this Vedic Ancient past.

Near Göbekli Tepe is Nevla Cori or Nevla Suri where they found the Priest Head Stone.

The myth of Eve, Apple and Adam is connected with the words: (1) "nevla", the enemy of snake,(2) "seb", "sev" or "sa-ive", or with Eve or like-Reality, and "adaU" (beginning person) or "a-dam" , one with no control or assertion, and also "naive" or "na-ive" or "Not Eve".

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