Friday, July 25, 2008

Preah Vihear Temple = Priya + Vihaar + Temple

After many centuries, these words connected with Sanskrit and Hinduism would be lost because of the corruption of the words by the commoners, advent of influences by others with different backgrounds in political and religious context. This is one example how the words have got corrupted in just last few centuries.

Other examples are, Garud, which is GaruD, Sumatra, which is SuMatR, Darma is Dharma, and so on.

More examples:

Sukarno is Su-KarNah - Good Doer

Suharto is Su-Hartah - Good Winner

Susilo is Su-sheel-ah - Good Mannered

Yudhoyono is Yudhya-vaan-ah - Warrior

Megawati is Megha-VatI - Female for Cloud - Someone who is Fertile.

Sukarnoputri - Su - karNah - pUt - rI - Good Doing Daughter

Friday, July 18, 2008

Hidden History of the Human Race

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In Quest for Common Civilization

Mysterious Origins Of Man - Forbidden Archeology

Please look at the pictures in the related article Forbidden-Archeology and the comment on the last picture of an ancient coin found in Illinois.

I have had the book Forbidden Archeology for past 12 years and very satisfied that the main stream is catching on it. Interestingly the author mentions about Parallel Universe of Consciousness, which for the first time in the history of Modern Science and Psychology reconciles with the Ancient Knowledge of Spiritualism, mentioned in Ancient Sanskrit Texts. The authors say the same thing about Knowledge Filtering by the Main Stream Academicians.

In fact, in IIT when we were taught Psychology, I thought the field was invented by Freud, Jung, etc. But to my amazement, after many years of ignorance, that a very powerful and superior concept of Mind was existing in the Ancient World, and mentioned in Bhagwatam Canto 11, 12 or 14. Today the modern Psychologists of the West are turning to those principles - thanks to Studies by Harvard in the field of Yoga and Consciousness, as well as to an Indian Psychiatrist who is very popular in the Western Academic Circles because of her blending the Ancient Knowledge of Consciousness with the modern knowledge and successfully treating patients that were incurable in the Western Psychology. I forgot her name but she has married a Quantum Physicist, Prof. Amit Goswamy , and he appears in the video What the Bleep We Know.

The co-author, Richard Thompson, of the book has written Vedic Cosmography and Astronomy and it is an eye opener to what Man can do and go to extent to assert his "I" in the name of Truth and produce false propaganda.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

In the name of The Truth and Only The Truth

Pictures Are From Stephan Knapp's Site (I had asked his permission but never heard). Hope this acknowledgment is sufficient as the message he promotes, but with more syncretic variation, is the message of this blog.

In one respect, there are two kinds of people in this world, those who seek the Truth and only the Truth, and the others who seek Convenience and only the Convenience. For majority of us, it is an easy path to take, the path of Convenience, for convenience sake, and then we write epitomes, and still say we do in the name of the Truth. So we think we do. and perhaps I can be accused of the same but the reader can judge for himself or herself.

Pictures here in this Blog, are not shown or shared in any class room text readings. There must be some reasons even if there are Archaeological Finds.

Why a stone called Newton Stone with Paali/Sanskrit Inscriptions with Sir Isaac Newton stone and its mention has languished in the some nooks and books - and not talked about - even though the possessor of the stone is a world renown scientist? There are many examples and rising evidences like these, but it will take a monument of evidence to shake the main stream academicians where the representation of the ancient world populace, and their success depends on accepting the main stream dictum and not to throw it upside down. Those who have dared, have lost their positions form prestigious universities. Such is the fallacy of the world of popularity, riddled with convenience, shallowness, political and economical motivations, and all this is done in the name of the Truth. Then there were some scholars, honest to the cause of the Truth, to the core, and there works and contributions forgotten, because it did not appeal to the sentiments of the establishment, when Colonial Rule was rampant, full of condescending attitutdes towards the "natives". A student of World History and Affairs, would not disagree a least for the period from late 1500s to early 1900s. In the new world, in the name of Conquering and Reestablishing, many natives were burnt on the stakes and their literature nearly wiped out.

This can not be said more accurately when it comes to History and specially Religion. Man, God who made the most beautiful, intelligent, and powerful (at least He thinks so) has turned into the most dreaded and ugliest beast and the proof lies in what has been done to the Ecology of the Earth in the name of Civilization and Progress.

So if there was a Religion A, and there was a B Religion, and then there was a C Religion, a long way back in time of the Ancient Days that runs into many thousands of years. The memory of these events wiped from the most of the common masses, but they survived in different ways.

In shore, A had variations of A11, A12, A13, and so on in the land of its origin, and in off shores, it has A21, A22, A23 and so on variations. B being similar to A, has similar perturbation like BA21, BA22, BA23, and so on. Like wise, C being similar to B and A, had perturbations but still not many as A and B because it still was relatively younger to B and A.

Time goes by and from C comes out D and E in recent history. Again D and E have their own divisions going on but because it is recent history, they see the connection. Because D and E have to recruit and expand, they have to force people to convert from the domain variations of A, BA, and CBA.

The powers to be, write history as if the C was the origin and the rest of the world, the variations of A and Bs with A11s. A12s, A13s got clubbed back to be called A and variations of A21s, A22s, A23s, gots clubbed as "Prime A" and over time its meaning became "Derogatory A". Similarly B's had not much choice and variations of Bs got indicted into newer D and E, and some very few survived and became "Minority B" but went on to live in the land of A. Often A would be equated derogatorily by the unwise, perhaps under false tutoring and misleading truth, to increase the base of D and E, and this will go on for a reasonable long time. The D and E would become the world powers and have their share of conflicts.

The world then comes to all variations of the Alphabets and is about to collapse with this division and split. What can save this split? What cane reverse this hatred and division? One way, the Truth of the knowledge of A, B and C can set the world free! The respect for their Ancestor's Religion A, B and C, and the people of A, B and C still realizing their that their future lineage can branch off or merge with some later Religions, like D and E, should accommodate to love them all as if they are their own Kith and Kin.

Yes, for this reason, understanding the History of Our Roots and knowing the Truth is important.

So here are the pictures of a famous story of Ramayana of India found in the Italian homes.

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Rama-Seeta-Lakshmana walking through the forest in the order described in the Ramayana, a scene delineated in ancient Italian homes. Italian archaeologists express bewilderment at these paintings because they are unaware that ancient Europe including Italy practiced Hinduism. From Stephan Knapp's Site.

Vali and Sugreeva--two monkey chiefs disputing over a woman Tara whom both claim as wife. Being monkeys they are undressed. This is one of the many Ramayanic scenes found sketched in ancient Italian homes (this one is sketched on a vase discovered in archaeological excavations in Italy). From Stephan Knapp's Site.

[There was no caption in the album for this photo of this drawing. However, from other sources it is said to have been found in Italy. It is an illustration from the Ramayana of Vibhishan, Ravana's brother, ready to leave Lanka in battle-dress to join Lord Rama. He is shown making one last appeal to Ravana to release Sita, Lord Rama's wife, shown sitting in the bottom corner.] From Stephan Knapp's Site.

A Ramayanic episode found painted in ancient Italian homes; Lav and Kusha driving away a captured royal sacrificial horse belonging to their father Rama. The founding of Rome is ascribed to brothers Remus and Ramulus--which are latter-day variations of the Hindu name Rama. From Stephan Knapp's Site.

Stephan Knapp Site