Friday, July 25, 2008

Preah Vihear Temple = Priya + Vihaar + Temple

After many centuries, these words connected with Sanskrit and Hinduism would be lost because of the corruption of the words by the commoners, advent of influences by others with different backgrounds in political and religious context. This is one example how the words have got corrupted in just last few centuries.

Other examples are, Garud, which is GaruD, Sumatra, which is SuMatR, Darma is Dharma, and so on.

More examples:

Sukarno is Su-KarNah - Good Doer

Suharto is Su-Hartah - Good Winner

Susilo is Su-sheel-ah - Good Mannered

Yudhoyono is Yudhya-vaan-ah - Warrior

Megawati is Megha-VatI - Female for Cloud - Someone who is Fertile.

Sukarnoputri - Su - karNah - pUt - rI - Good Doing Daughter