Friday, July 18, 2008

Hidden History of the Human Race

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In Quest for Common Civilization

Mysterious Origins Of Man - Forbidden Archeology

Please look at the pictures in the related article Forbidden-Archeology and the comment on the last picture of an ancient coin found in Illinois.

I have had the book Forbidden Archeology for past 12 years and very satisfied that the main stream is catching on it. Interestingly the author mentions about Parallel Universe of Consciousness, which for the first time in the history of Modern Science and Psychology reconciles with the Ancient Knowledge of Spiritualism, mentioned in Ancient Sanskrit Texts. The authors say the same thing about Knowledge Filtering by the Main Stream Academicians.

In fact, in IIT when we were taught Psychology, I thought the field was invented by Freud, Jung, etc. But to my amazement, after many years of ignorance, that a very powerful and superior concept of Mind was existing in the Ancient World, and mentioned in Bhagwatam Canto 11, 12 or 14. Today the modern Psychologists of the West are turning to those principles - thanks to Studies by Harvard in the field of Yoga and Consciousness, as well as to an Indian Psychiatrist who is very popular in the Western Academic Circles because of her blending the Ancient Knowledge of Consciousness with the modern knowledge and successfully treating patients that were incurable in the Western Psychology. I forgot her name but she has married a Quantum Physicist, Prof. Amit Goswamy , and he appears in the video What the Bleep We Know.

The co-author, Richard Thompson, of the book has written Vedic Cosmography and Astronomy and it is an eye opener to what Man can do and go to extent to assert his "I" in the name of Truth and produce false propaganda.