Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Guiding Philosphy for Me and Readers

If you are not interested in the subject of history or would not like to understand the shared inheritage found in the World History of Civilizations, Culture, Language, Science, Philosophy and Religions, then you should not be subscribing to this group.

Guiding Principle For Reporting Facts:

1. I would always give references, but if it is my observation then I would explicitly state that, and I am open to adjust that observation.

2. I will report Truth, only the Truth, and nothing but the Truth (as per mentioned in papers/books/materials reported by other scholars but may be subject to opinions as well).

3. This is not a blog to show "first degree" History Research. The attempt here is just high-light what other scholars are saying which I also independently feel convinced about.

4. Tolerance, respect, and love for all creeds, religions, nations, languages shall be followed.

6. My motivation has been to expose the truth about Indian History in the beginning, knowing India was ruled by foreign rulers for more than 1200 years and History is always written by the victorious, but now I understand that this does not matter as much as it matters that I can learn that the origin of all us share a common inheritage. Since India happens to be a very ancient civilization, its major religion, Hinduism - a name given by Westerners but called Sanatan -Dharm by Indians - and its language, Sanskrit, are the last vestiges of the Proto Indo-European Religion and Language, so then, perhaps, it should be listed by United Nations as a Common World Inheritage. So people should know this "bias" from my side when reporting this aspect of our common ancestry.

Guiding Principle for Readers:

1. If you have any feed-back, please make it private, as we do not want any long threads and people taking pot shots at each other.

2. If you are not convinced, then I have no issues, but would not like to have any debate about it, except if you think I have errored, then please send me a private email and with references on materials that you think superceded what I have noted.

3. If you are not open and flexible to being exposed to new ideas which may confront with you pre-conceived or prior taught ideas, you should not be here.

4. If you can not respect and love all faiths, cultures, and nations, then you should immediately cease to be here!