Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Scientific Validation of Vedic Knowledge

History is like a resume of a civilization and is fudged by invaders and colonists to subjugate the conquered masses and mould their behavior.

The outcomes of the best of all kinds of wars are fought in the great minds of people, and the outcome decided even before the war is played!

This is true both as an "active agent noun" - the conqueror - and as a "passive agent - the conquered.

The conquering actor is the one on the world stage, who wants to win the outcome, no matter how difficult and impossible it sounds".

The conquered actor is the one on the world stage, who is an unwilling person, unaware of the imposed war and not prepared, informed, or briefed on the cost of winning.

If the conquered actor was aware of the fundamentals of the Game Theory, which also goes by many other names, there was a chance that the "conquered" would be the "conqueror" and the "conqueror" would be the "conquered"! It is all about who is willing to pay the "Best Price" to have an outcome to his or her favor and is prepared to face his or her"Worst Price".

I used the same theory in recovery of my son despite the great odds (98% chances of death, 2% chances of comatose living, and 0% chances of normal and independent living from a loss of 1/3 brain from 3 places and with most of functionality lost at physical, sensory and brain level). Some call it "positive thinking" and others call it invoking the "divine mind".

This is not a philosophy but a fact of life. Modern Game Theory proves this thing with half mathematics and half psychology. Remember the movie called What a Beautiful Mind, where the Nobel Laureate John Nash's life is depicted. He had come up with this theory, but before he could defend it, he was subjected to ignominy and travesty of years of homeless, destitute and solitude living because of his schizophrenia.

There have been many Hollywood movies made with this aspect of Game Theory where the Hero is against all odds, but he is prepared to pay the worst cost if he looses. The same strategy was adopted by Sabeer Bhatia, which he personally told me over many salad lunches, when he was courting me for his start-up Arzoo as CTO, and Amitabh Bacchan who left his cushy job in Calcutta to try at Bollywood, despite all odds of lanky, thin and odd horse-looking face which went against the conventional wisdom of a hero fitting a stereo-typed "Fair and Handsome" (in early days he used to be shouted at, asked to go back, and even pelted and fired, and had to act as a double manytimes). Sabeer was ready to work at Petrol Pumps and that too without a Green Card! And Amitabh Bacchan was ready to drive the cabs!

So coming back to the topic why "false propaganda" in the guise of History is often used as a tool to subjugate a race, a nation, a country and a civilization. The latest example is the movie http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/300_(film) to psyche the Iranians because of some last few decades of mis-steps in geo-politics by the Iran as well as the US, and mishandling of the Palestine issue, while still trying to honor the rights of Jews. Here it is used to make the opposite party have the pangs of self-doubt, manipulated mind set, paranoia and even inflicted schizophrenia (you live and act based on an illusory world created for you, helping the conqueror)!

So watch this video, knowing that India had a turbulent history, akin to a civil war that is going on in Iraq, for more than 1200 years, at the hands of foreign invaders who had different agendas.

Last thing, in the video the presenter mentions one mantra, and it does not mean that there is only one mantra that works on you. Any mantra that is dear to you and has some musical, grammatical and philosophical binding would also work. It could be whatever is good for you, including what is sacred in other Faiths as well.

Scientific Validation of Vedic Knowledge

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