Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Ancient World We Know - Through Myopic Prism - "H2O = H2O2"

What if today's modern civilization leaves behind the simple and complex formulas of all the chemicals, with how they are written, spoken, and their formulation steps, and suddenly there is a world catastrophe, and the civilization is lost, and only some individuals and groups survive.

They once again begin their lives journey afresh, only with the memory of the spoken formulas, and their formulation steps. In their survival and bootstrap mode they take shortcuts and try to salvage the information in pieces. They impart this information to their children and tell them how to make it "loss less".

Some groups of the survived people become very successfully in replicating the lost knowledge, but they have compromised themselves in other aspects of life, like the material growth or their defenses. And other groups have only carried forward with the formulations and how they are to be spoken, but forget how the steps of formulations and the formulas were derived. They thrive materially and build on their defenses. As it is a competitive nature of all men, the two groups clash within and with each other. Then the later group merges out as a winner and dominates the old group as well as sets a standard of new world order and understanding.

Life goes on, and the new civilization has learnt to make the formulations, and say the name of their formulations, but do not know how to spell the formulations or know the steps to how to make the known formulations as precisely as their ancestors. They just remember the information and part from one generation to another generation. What has happened is that an essential fundamental science of building blocks for generation and preservation is lost.

Such is the history of the mankind, where only 200 years back the powers that were and would be, were dictating that the Earth was only 5000 years old - since their book of faith said so on the subject of creation. Reality is always relative and the Fact is always stranger than the Fiction. Our senses develop to the environmental conditionings, which I shall talk about more later.

Now patterns are emerging, that there was or were many advance civilizations around the world, which were as superior as us, if not more superior, even before the last ice age! Yes, it is true, and I will post something on this. For now, just remember the Atlantis story!! Remember Troy was just a story till it was discovered by a German journalist and businessman.

The oldest books of knowledge, that has survived till this date, are Vedas, including Avesta, which is the 5th Veda. The four Vedas we have Rick Veda, Arth Veda, and Saam Veda. The Yajur Veda has two rescissions, one is Krishna Yajur Veda, and the other is Shukla Yajur Veda. The Arth Veda is actually Krishna Arth Veda and the Avesta is the Shukla Arth Veda - before the split of the Surya-s and A-Surya-s, that is between the Hindus and Persians.

Surprisingly, the methods like Parity Checking, Error Code Correction, Forward Error Correction Code, RAID, etc. were used by the Vedic people in preserving these books. The world's greatest acknowledged grammarian, Pananni, formulated a formal grammar for the language of Vedas around 500 BC, which is now called Classical Sanskrit, but his work of 40,0000 Rules was nothing that he created overnight and that overwrote all the Vedic Sanskrit rules. He just did compilation of the memorized knowledge that was getting corrupted with the effect of vernacular rendering of the language by the masses, and tried to remove the "dirt" accumulated and retain the "scientific" aspect of the language. Today all over the world, Scientists and Computer Researchers, agree that the only language capable of man-machine interaction and that is perfect is Sanskrit, and it is the most scientific known language.

What if the modern world leaves behind HDTV images of the world of knowledge we build, with all the richness of sounds and images to minutest details, and the world civilization comes to a sudden end, only to start all over again. And they reach to the technology level of the days of Black and White Television, and they see these images of the world of knowledge we build and live in, will they be able to appreciate the richness of the world of the knowledge that we intended to survive?

What if one takes a picture with 12Million Pixel Camera, and shows the image to someone on his 3M Pixel Camera, will all the information be retained?

Similarly, the de-facto standard of English as a new world-order language comes with these artifacts of the loss of the knowledge that our ancestors wanted us to retain. How can a language with 26 letters capture the richness of a language with 14 vowels, 25 consonants, 4 semi-vowels, 3 Simple Sibilants and 1 Compound Sibilants, 5 Nasals, and 2 Summarized Nasals but with built in contexts, and with all possible rules of permutation and combination between these letters to make new sounds and armed with 40,000 rules do justice in imparting this ancient knowledge?

Now if someone hears a piece of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, ""
in any other compositions, like the 'Greece' movie song by Bee Gees, one would notice is the same sound! What is the probability that this sound was invented by someone else also, perhaps isolated in space and time, and what if all the scores of Beethoven's pieces show up in one form or other, then what should be said? Remember there are infinite variations of the sounds.

So a phonetic based language, like Sanskrit will all the richness of sounds and the phonetic sound signatures, acting like markers in the DNA sequence of the language, when translated to English, an phonetic compromised language, will loose some sounds and then the dust of corruption will be added over time.

What if one notes the sounds mimicked in English, and tries to come up with Sanskrit words and sounds that come very close to the meaning and sound of the word, while still following the well known and accepted rules of Linguists as well as Sanskrit grammar, will it be just a coincidence, when already the language has been classified as one of the mother languages of Indo European Root, whose people have played the major role in the world history all over the globe, and where already many simple words of English have been shown to be related to Sanskrit?

So all the English words, that I am showing as "Sanskrit-ized" words, are mere fancy of my wild imagination, even though I am following the well known rules of Sanskrit grammar and accepted and observed rules in Linguistics", or they are just a mere co-incidence?

Then when patterns after patterns are emerging, can we still then rule it out? In Modern Science, statistical regression is used to draw acceptable patterns and co-relationships. Then besides the language part, their are other co-relations shown, so is it just something of a mind's creation, or reflecting on some fact?

It is a known fact that for a sound to be appreciated, you need to develop an ear for that kind of sound, as it was intended to be heard, and if you want to recreate the same sound, you need to be used to doing so. So Indian children brought up in the West, will have tough time making the richness of the sounds in Sanskrit. Similarly, English speaking Indians, not used to watching American Movies, would have a tough time understanding American accent. Such was my case in the beginning when I started watching American movies in High School. How many of you have accent problem when communicating to people from some other ethnic background? We all do!! It is the problem of speech as well as hearing.

So ask yourself, the scholars of last 200 years, who became the gate keepers of the world of the knowledge of the ancients, and the final main stream accepted authority, with a vocabulary of 26 Letters of Alphabets and Sounds, must have done what justice to the words and the sound of the ancients? We all know the ancients names had a deeper astronomical context and meaning in their words. So is the knowledge we have today, really a 3M Pixel Image or 12M Pixel Image, you decide? Is it a Black-white TV Blurred Image or a HDTV Image?

Still not convinced? Todays generation is growing up in the world of Virtual Reality, and TV Soap Operas. Their world is not 3D but a 2-1/2 D! Now what if we have a kid locked up in a room for long till the age of 10, in a room with only 2D Images, do you think he or she would, when he or she steps out of the room, into a 3D World, will be able to appreciate the 3D world? No, and he or she will be alienated to the 3D World. His or her senses will not be developed to the world of the 3D World. And the world of the 3D World would be a Fiction and not a Reality to him or her.

The Fact would become the Fiction! Welcome to the world of a False Reality!! If you want to peek into the other world, the Reality of the Ancient World, we need to first known their language and the sounds! But modern history only looks for physical artifacts through archeology.

Remember without Language, Man is nothing, and all progress shall be made naught. Yet, the modern Historians, have continued to write treatise on the Ancient World without much of this knowledge of the sounds and their language. If they have, they are exceptions, as the most of the scholars came from the new world and not from the ancient worlds, if they survived and had the luxury to indulge in the pursuit of writing their own history, because they were not fortunate to have their say.