Wednesday, November 26, 2014

How many educated Indians know the significance of number 432,000 and 25920?

How many educated Indians know the significance of number 432,000 and 25920?
Like Swasitka being found all over the world from the Ancient Times, the number 432000 finds its presence in different myths and stories all over the world but in fading significance, just like in India, but more significantly. Except for India, Babylonians said that they were as old as 432000 years old. In India it is the basis of the Yuga System. Carl Sagan, the noted American Astronomer, Cosmologist, Astrophysicist, and Astrobiologist, said that only in India the age of the Universe was calculated to the most accurate approximation.
The West and NASA has only come to understand the Earth's Precession in last 40-45 years and surprising come very close the numbers Indians had. The Western Astrology is based on Arabic System and only accounts for 2 motions of Earth. And only Chinese and Indian Astrology accounts for 3 motions of earth, and the third motion being the Earth's Precession. For every 72 years, the Earth precesses by 1 degree. Imagine how the Ancient Indians would have calculated this amazing number. Multiply by 360 and you get the Precession Year of 25920.
The Ancient Indians then took the LCM of the Cyclic Periods of the Planets and they came to the number 432,000. And then with some clever imagination and assumptions of relationship between Brahama Days and Years with Earthly Days and Years, they could come to the approximation calculation of the Universe.
There are many such anecdotes which makes us Indians stress the need of preserving this Ancient Indians wisdom and to do that one must pass on the tradition of learning Sanskrit from one generation to another generation. There should be some primary years for mandatory Sanskrit, and then in Higher Secondary classes it could be made optional and open to other Classical Languages like Greek or Latin, or French or German. There is a plethora of literature in Sanskrit which one cannot finish in one's own life time. It is just that post Indian Independence, the stress was given to catching up with the Western Civilization's growth, given that we had lost everything Indian remotely connected to us.
For those who would like to learn more, please read Vedic Astronomy.

Like wise, the Yogic Science has been slowly getting validation in last 25 years. Recently there were Scientific reports on Meditation altering DNA and Cancer Cells and Mind to Mind Communication. I have many more anecdotes in these areas, which I will share some other time.