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Jordan, Petra, and Denudata - JnaarDhan, PitRa, DhenuDatta

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Indian Jain Sect are basically "jNaaNi" Sect, pre dates 500 BC and there are talks of many Buddhas and Mahaviras - the Enlightened Ones and the Great Ones!

In Sanskrit, the sound for the compound letter "jN", where "N" is Palatal Nasal, and "j" is Palatal Soft Aspirate. So the word for 'knowing' in Sanskrit is "jNaan" which gets corrupted into Hindi as "jaan". The Instrumental Form would be "jNen", and in Hindi it would be "Jaan". So one can see what the word 'Jain meant", which was the English Folks hearing it as they heard with their cultural hearing and speaking intonations. So one can see how a Panjaab Singh becomes a Clowning Sing, and his land becomes Poonjab! The same sound is approximated sometimes by 'g", "gy" and "gNy"

As Vedas were progressing through succession of Brahmanas, Aryankas, Upnishads to Puranic stages, the Vedic Period stressed on "Fire Sacrifices" for return of "Goods from Gods For Enjoyment". This later developed into Vedanta with the philosophy of the "Brahman being Everywhere", which I also call the First Principle, Mother of All Principles and Laws.

The Jains would predate between this period who pursued the path of the quest for the Truth, and wanted Enlightenment, were called "jNen", and the Indian President, Gyaani Zail Singh, was being addressed as "gNaanii", the learned - because he had gone through some Religious Learning.

Gymnosophists and Gnostics are the same. Greeks called Indian Saints following the Jain Path, and they roamed naked as per one of their divisions. Gnostics were in Egypt who converted to Christianity but had traditions like Yoga, Ashrams, and common beliefs as Hindos. They were also followers of the Teachings of Christ but were persecuted by the Roman Church. Check the Nag Hamadi Papers.

'Petra' is corruption of the Sanskrit root "pitR(i)", where "R" is Cereberal "Ri" Vowel, and the basis for "R" as Semi Vowel. Kaaba and Kaaba-ala mean the same, the Father Principle, the Lingam Principle (and perhaps the Yoni Principle as 360 Statues were found in circle when Saint Mohammad raided the Kaaba) temple. The rock is same as lingam. So 'Petra' is basically the word for Father, and it comfirms that the temple of Petra, was from ancient times, a Father or Male Principle place of worship, and it is also confirmed by the pictures of the place having Shiva Lingam and Yoni objects, where the Lingam is clearly shown to be chopped out.

Dhenu Data - is the "Ever Yielding Mother", and it is sometimes corruped as "Daan Danda", which is the counter part of the Mother Principle Worship, and means the "Ever Giving Father.


"Præter hæc tria numera non est alia magnitudo, quod tria sunt omnia, et ter undecunque, ut pythagorici dicunt; omne et omnia tribus determinata sunt."--ARISTOTLE. (Quoted by Ostrowski, page 24 of his Mathèse.)

Ostrowski has seen this clearly. "The passage of 3 in 4 corresponds to that of the Trimurti in Maïa, and as the latter opens the second ternary of the pregenesetic decade, so the figure 4 opens that of the second ternary of our genesetic decimal."-- Mathèse, p. 25.

Rosenroth intended to make a Latin translation of the Zohar and the Tiḳḳunim, and he published as preliminary studies the first two volumes of his Kabbala Denudata, sive Doctrina Hebræorum Transcendentalis et Metaphysica Atque Theologia (Sulzbach, 1677-78).


I have not researched this topic but I have read in Anacalypsis and some other places, that Aristole, Plato, Socrates all visited countries of learning, in Egypt, Babylon, Persia and India.

I hope the Extremist people from Islam, those fighting the Jihads which now-a-days the Western Civilization and the rest of the World including India calls it Terrorism --- but they woke up much late as it has gone for eons by all neo religions of the AD, especially the zealots from the Neo Christian Roman Empire and the Neo Islamic Invaders but for the later case it has gone on for almost a millennium in the subcontinent of India and Asia, and now sometimes the old peaceful Religions like the Hindus have upcoming Extremists in Orissa and Gujarat states of India, showing the same intolerance towards the minorities in India --- and esspecially the Middle Eastern and Pakistan Muslims Extremists will take a note of this article, to understand that they share a much of the same in heritage and ancestry, with that of the Indians, Pakistanis, Persians, Afganistanis, Palestinians, Egyptians, Syrians, Assyrians, Lebananese and so on.

Note Trimurti is the Indian Trinity, and is the basis of Gymnosophists, Jewish, and Christinity, and even Islam on the ideas of God - basically explaining the First Principle with Numbers and Genesis of the World, and the Word of Ideas which lead to the World. This is part of the Tetragammation. When one visits the British and Indian Museum and see the Idols of Brahama or Shiva Lingams, they would see 4 faces but later on it became 3 faces.

The four in one modeling is for Om-ni-directional being the aspect of the God Principle. This reflects the God Principle being beyond the 4 Dimensional Space and Time Universe. Modern Physics, Cosmology and Quantum Physics have finally come to the same conclusion.

Brhaman (singular Brahama) is the Super Soul and the Aatmaa (Aatman) is the Individual Soul but part and parcel of the same - like the wave in the ocean. That is the First or the Unity Principle.

The Second Principle is called the Maaya Principle or the Mother Maaya Principe, which has become Maia, which is the Illusion Principle, which pervades the 4D Space and Time Universe and its creation. This again has been confirmed by Modern Physics and Quantum Mechanics that the whole Reality is Unreal!

In other philosphies of India, like Shiva-Shakti, the Shiva Principle is the Brahman Principle and Shakti Principle is the Maaya or the Mother Principle - because Illusion is the mother of all basis of existence!

The other names are "Purusha" and "Prakritti", the Male and Female Principle, which is same as Shiva and Shakti Principle, and that basis is worshiped as Shiva Lingam and Yoni, and this basis of worship was as all over the world, from Japan, Easter Islands, Far East, India, Persia, Iraq, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Greece, Rome to America and Europe (some proof is already presented in the Blog but other proofs will come eventually).

Note that there are words like "Sive" in Latin, which is "Shive" or "Shiva", "Omnia" which is "Om" and has the same meaning, and Denudata is Dhenu - Datta, which is the Female Kaam Dhenu myth of the Hindu Lores, and means ever yielding and ever giving, which is the Prakriti or the Mother Natutre, and Datta is the other name of God or the Male Principle, or the Father Principle, who ultimately gives everything.

The Kabalists were in Jews in Babylonia is their second captivity when an Assyrian King Nebuchadnezzar_II defeated Jews. During the captivity, it seems they took up the customs and beliefs of the Zorastians or the Parsees or Pharsees.

But there is an older connection of Jews with Persians, Babylonians, and Indians. The key is the word Palestine which is Paal-i-staan, which means "the Place of the Lord or the Protector", and like Nepaal is "Ni-Paal", which means "undertaken to the Lord or the Protector". Most of the Babylonian Kings were having the "Paals" in the endings, like Hammurabi's father Amar-Phal (thanks to the 26-letter folks evaluating the history of 52 letter folks) or Amar-Paal.

The Brahmins of India, the Aryans, were the Solar worshipers and the Dravidians (the genetic makup is same by some research done by some Indian individuals and by American Researches, they show different ratios of M45 and M25 Homo groups of Mother's Mitochondria DNA, perhaps indicating the different waves of settlements of the Indian continent), worshiping the Moon Principle - but the there were more wide spread, which became the basis for naming the countries like Syria and Asyria, Romania (Rama-an-ia) and Armenia, (A-Rama-an-ia) and even Arabia (A-Ravi-ia).

The earliest God worshiped was Shiva, Pashupati, the Lord of the Jungles and Animals, when Man was a Forest Dweller. It was considered the Father Principle or the Male Principle. This was at the "grosser level" but at the "subtler level" it was the "Shiv" or "Sieve" Principle, that has pierced all over the space - the Omnipotent.

Aryan or Indo European Civilization, when it moved to the Farming Life, the Father Principle evolved to the Solar Worshiper and the Earth was though to be the Mother Principle. So difference of preferences came up here too, which led to the Shakti, Daamatre, Maia, Cyble Worships all over the world as well.

Any Prophet, Messenger, Messiah, or Heroic Person Deified, would be considered the Solar Principle - so the historical Ram became the Solar God. This is the basis for Romania and the Armenia (where Shiva worship was carried on) Countries. The Shiva worshippers as well as the Shakti Worshipers carried on the Animal Sacrifices as the left over Forest Dwelling rituals. This remanant is to be found in the Pashupati Temple worship in Nepal and Durga and Kaali puja of the Bengal.

Vedic People had a split between Fire worship and a more flexible mixture of Fire worship and Iconic Worship, which became the basis of the split between the Persians and the Hindoos.

The Jews came out of the Persian sect as per one theory. The other theory is that the Brahmins or the Solar Worshippers drove out the Shiva or the Lord Pashupati worshipers - before the Language was refined with the concept of vowels. This is one reasons why the Aramic (it is actually A-Raam-Ic), the language of the Jews did not have the vowels where as Vedic Sanskrit and Avesta (which A-VeS-ta - non Iconic) and even the language Asyric (A-Surya-ic).

The Desert Dwellers were Nomads, like the early Persians (before Vedic times) and later Jews, who ventured out from Babylonia to the lands of Israel, Palestine, Levant, Phoenicia. The heat of the Sun for the Desert Dwellers was not a source of inspiration to worship the Sun as a God. The Moon's coolness and beauty was the source of the Metaphor of the Pleasure - which transformed into the Feminine Principle. Later this Principle would merge with the Mother Principle, and that is why one sees the Crescent Moon in Arabic (A-Ravi-ic) and Shiva Symbols.

"Lingams" carved out of rocks at Petra, Jordan - border of Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and ancient Asyria. Before you think this is far-fetched, hold the judgement, till you see all the pictures below, and if still not convinced, read the above references.

It is the law of the Mother Nature to divide as well as unite in different dimensions. Lets rise to the upper dimensions and see the unity among divisions, and we all should rise up from pettiness and stop this ceaseless wars being waged in the name of Religion. It is not what the Prophets or the Founding Fathers wanted or envisioned. If they did, then they were not Prophets.

From Research

As you can see, they are not natural but man-made carvings.

Broken Lingam and Yoni and it is same as Denudata (Dhenu-Datta).

Same thing where the sacrifices would be offered - including Animals like the the Pashupati (Father Principle, and epithet for Shiva as Lord of Beasts) Temple in Nepa and Kaali (Mother Principle) Temples in Bengal - where the offer the same to Lingam. In India they offer Coconuts, Sweets, and Flower.

Look at the following picture and description of the Circle and the Dot.

Now look at the picture of the Yoni based Architecture, which was all over the world, from Peru to Eastern Islands, Stonehenge, and Far East Yoni GuNi.

Note in thic picture from Petra and the above Picture from Ajanta Ellora - and notice the center pillar and the central mound respectively.

So what is the connection between Shaivism and Buddhism - it is the same aspect where
Tantra, Shaivism, Kundalini Yoga is found among the monks of Tibet, Sikkim, Bhutan.

From the temple of Petra, the remains of the Cyble (is it Shibri - as C is ame as Sh, and "r" and "l" are interchangeable Semi Vowels from "R(i)" and "LR(i)" Vowels, where the usage of LR(i) has fallen off to "Ri") or Demetre (Daa MatRi). Shibri is the epitome of love and devotion towards Raam.

From Research

So you may think, this is all far fetched. Look at this picture of the temple from Petra, Jordan, and please note the Pagoda style architecture. They confirm the temple carved out of rocks, just like Ajanta and Ellora temples of India, done byBuddhist monks.

Now look at the picture of Mt. Kailasah Temple, the adobe of Shiva, at Ajanta, and note the Pagodas. At Ajanta and Ellora, they were first temples of Shiva, Krishna and later temples for Budhha.

Still not convinced? Look at the following picture of the temple with the damaged statue, actually defaced of Buddha, like done by the Taalibaans in Afgaanistan. Christian Zealots did the same kind of destruction throught the Middle East and Europe, and the suit followed by Islamic Zealots in Middle East, Egypt and India.

This is not what was envisioned by Christ and Mohammad. (If we put all the messiahs in the same room, do you think they will kill and destroy each other, let alone, hate and argue?).

The above picture of the statue should be compared with the picture below, which is from Nepal.
Note the umbrella of snake hoods in the picture below, and wonder what you would get, if you try to destroy it. Note the 4 hands and repeat the exercise, then see what you would get.

Look at some Aramaic, Arabic, and some Brahmi/Devnagri Characters in the left-top frame. The right-top frame has the the "erased" scripts painted over with some red pigment - same as the rock color but it is a poor job - and the intended scripts are of carved white shades.

From Research

The above picture from the PashuPati Temple at Nepal or some place nearby in Nepal shows the same kind of statue as above at Petra - and it confirms the "Ne-Paal" and the "Paal-i-staan" connection between Hindoos and Jews.

Now look at this picture, and save the image, and at the "red" pigmented area, try to "zoom" those pigmented areas - and see what scripts and evidence of "destruction" you see with the covered up scripts. What script does it remind you of? Maybe it is an "artifact" and only a physical inspection of the site and more high resolution pictures would confirm this "evidence"

The above image is of Lahasa, Tibet, and shows the Solar Symbols with two animals with long necks.

This is very interesting, to see the same Solar Symbols, with Two Lions/Animals (if one considers the long necks, then they look more like the animals in Lahasa, Tibet), which has been used in the Ancient Solar Dynasties. This shows that this site passed control from people to people, nations to nations, religions to religions - but was of the same principle of worship of the Almighty. This confirms the Paali-stan (Palestine) and Ne-Paal (Nepal) connection, where first they were Hindus, then Budhhists, and them some reverting to Buddhists. Somewhere before that they was some interlacing of 'jNaanii" (Jain) Sects. Even today, if one goes to the Jain temples, and see the Idols, there are overlapping with those of Hindus.

The same myth of the Yoni repeats as the Navel of the Mother Earth in Japan, Palestine, Greece, Easter Islands, France, Stonehenge, and Americas.

Page 476
The Greeks considered Delphi to be the navel of the earth, as the Jews, and even the first Christians, thought the true navel was Jerusalem ; and the ...

Page 127
The Jews consider Jerusalem to be the navel of the earth.2 The above etymon of the word does not quite meet all the circumstances, does not quite satisfy ...

Page 69
... and called the Hermaphrodite. See Gallery of Naples and of Paris. The God of the Jews is also often known by the name of Adonai '"HK Ad»ii? ...

Adinoai is same as Sanskrit Adi-naiya - Led from the Beginning - which is the other name of the Lord.

Page 50
... like the " Hindus, adored the Sun, and asserted water to be the first of " created things; nor can we doubt that Syria, Samaria, and Phenice, ..

Page 132
There was in Syria or Canaan a place called Amman, the natives of which were always at enmity with the Israelites.

"Canana" is same as Sanskrit "KaRNa" - and the Cereberal "R(i) or the next grade sound "ar" is often difficult to speak or notice when speaking fast. Like "Srivastava" becoming South Indian "Sivastava" (human migration has gone for ever) and Western people often spelling it like that. It means Sun, Gold, or the color of the Sun, Yellow-Orange-Red.

Page 172
The sacred black stone at Mecca many of my readers are acquainted with, and George the Fourth did very wisely to be crowned on the square stone, ...

During King Vikrama Ditya's time (as I have heard and read), had colonies of Brahmins and Traders sent to Arabia, and at Mecca, a Golden Saucer with his name was found. There are more evidences but basically the principle of Male/Father and Female/Mother Principle was often made into a grosser Female/Male Principle - which one would find often in primitive societies of the Nomads and Forest Dwellers which were colonized, and this could be the basis for the grosser meaning of "Phallic" idea.

Page 476
... still consider Mecca as the mother and navel, or nabhi. All these notions appear to have arisen from the worship of which we have been treating. ..