Sunday, January 9, 2011

Global Presence of Ram

Why North Native Red Indian Americans of Alaska look like Mongols, why Meso Americans looks like the Indians, and why Peruvians look like Tibeteans?

Ramsar, Mazandaran

Lake of Ram - near Caspian Sea.

Ramsar, Rajasthan

Village in Rajasthan - there should be some lake, which may have dried up, as the word "saar" means that.

Inti Raymi

Ram is a Solar God Principle, worship in Peru. Note the word "Inti".



The mystic syllable AUM is a sacred word among the Hindus and is representative of the earth, sky, and heaven, ... The Peruvian Incas worshiped the sun as Inti Raymi (Ram). “Names that derive from Rama are pervasive in Native-American ...

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In Quichua — the language of the Incas, there are many words resembling Sanscrit, as Inti — the sun, while Indra is the Hindu god of the heavens. Raymi was the great Incan festival in honor of the sun, and Rama was a child of the sun in ....

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