Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Kashgar - Kashi-GhaD - Place of Kashi - Shiva's City

The place is in the news because of an attack on the Chinese Police and killing of some personnel.

Kashgar - also mentions it as Kaashi.

It is close to Amu Darya, which is actually Somu-Darya and means Moon River, and next to Surya Darya, which is Sun River.

From posting Hammurabi:

Now come to the two rivers of Uzbekistan: "Surya Dariya" and "Amu Dariya". "Dariya" in Sanskrit means River. And Surya means "Sun", which Suryas or Hindus were, a Sun Worshiper, which most of the people of all lands and nations were. Please read my other articles. And "Amu" is "Hamu", which is "Somu", meaning Moon. Now this means they are Sun and Moon Rivers, which makes perfect sense.

The Kushans are also called Tushaars in Sanskrit add Tochaarians by Western Counries.

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