Sunday, September 14, 2008

Vedas - Mahabhaarat - Sumeria - Planet X - 2012 Connection

Now a days, there is a lot of talking going on for the year 2012, and the main stream media is not to be left alone. Shows like Discovery, History Channel have also talked about. So I also tried to see what others are saying.

Here are some videos - but there are some facts and there are usual some speculations. It is up to you to decide what you believe in, but the destiny of the mankind is also in our control, with Positive Thinking, and Prayers.

At the same time time, it is recorded that such cataclysms have happened in the past, and shall happen in the future - that is the cycle of the mother Nature to revive itself.

Somewhere the great experiment in the name of Civilization has gone wrong where most of the world's population goes hungry and not sure if they will make it through next day.

The rich and the powerful nations, in the name of morality and progress, are doing things against the Nature and its other living beings as well.

Anyway, lets hope we all prosper and multiply on this planet - only if stays healthy and alive.

What I found very interesting, is that the words connected with the year 2012, "Nibiru" and "Anunaki" have some basis to the keywords that can be used to weave the theme of the year2012. The words have their basis from the Vedic times.

Please note that it is a well known Archaeological fact that the Indus Valley and the Sumerians as well as the Babylonians sites have been found to have each other's coins and artifacts in their respective sites. They are part of the same Indus European Branches before the split between Persians and Indians. Persians, Babylonians and Sumerians are all interconnected and one and the same - depending on what level of frame one uses to look at the things - the same way Indians today can be Bengali's, Biharis, Punjabis, Kashmiris, Rajasthani's, Tamilaians, and so on. At one time, from Japan to Greece and Italy, from Ethiopia to Mongolia, there one was kind of Religion and Language - that had its variations like we have today in the language of English and the religion of Christianity.

One can see the videos here:

2012 Videos

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Anunaki - aNu-NaakI - Dwellers of Nibiru or the follower of Nakins.

aNu -> as Prefix for "Following", and for "Atom".

nAkin -> Heaven, People dwelling in Heaven,

Nibiru - The Planet X mentioned in Sumerian Clays -> ni-bR(i)h -> To thown-down, overthrow, destroy, crush.

bR(i)h-as-pati -> Regent of Jupiter, Lord of the Prayers where Piety and Dharma (Righteous-ness) is symbolized.

bRhak -> Deva - Divine Beings - and Gandharva - Celestial Beings

bRah -> To go strong, to expand, to grow big, to increase in speed.

ni-bRah - > To undertake to go strong, expand, to grow big, to increase speed.

bRah -> to tear, to unpluck, to root up.

ni-bRah -> To undertake to tear, to unpluck, to root up.

Bhur -> Earth. Here Hard Aspirate, Visarga is replaced, by "r" (and sometimes by "s", or "Sh") - as in above cases of 'bRah' word. (So now how the one 'Brahman' and the word 'Bra' has come).

Ni-Bhur -> One who follows Earth

ni-BhrU -> One who is followed by the Eyes - the Source of Light and Vision, the Sun in abstract way. (The english word "Brow' for "Eye Brow" has come from that).

Abaris - A legendary healer saint who was a healer mentioned in Greek Mythology from Hyperborea

aa + bhari + s -> "Towards" + "One who fills in, covers up, provides for" + "Suffix for Noun Singular".

aa - Prefix for towards.

bhari -> The root is "bhR" - to provide, to balance, to lift up, to support, to take care. The word "bh(a)Rt", "b(h)arta", "bhatR", which gives rise to Brother,

Sea of Marmora - Sea mentioned in Arimaspi (itself mentioned in Hyperborea)

MR or MRi is the root for "to die". Mar is is to die. Something of that nature one can repeat the word (like Desiderative words but instead of the first vowel being repeated, here the whole word is repeated), and add "aa". It becomes "Mar-Mar-aa", spmething that is of "death-ness". The sea is famouse for its ship wreckages, and last victim was a Russian Tanker, but the locals may have take the word from "marble" or "inland body of water".

Meru -> The Celestial Sphere's Main Axis Resting Point, the Place of Gods, Mountain Abode of Gods.

Sumer or Sumeru - Su - Meru -> Epithet of Meru - The Good Meru.

Urheimat - Nordiac Aryans Homeand at North Pole.

Hyperborea -> hi-api-bhur-ia or hi-up-aya-bhur-ia - Place of Indo European or Gods at North or South Pole.

hi-api-bhur - Particle for stressing "Even" + Particle for stressing "Even" + Earth - the exreme point of Earth - the Polar Region.

hi-up-aya-bhur - Even + Far Down + Following + Earth -> same thing as North or South Pole.

Atlya Mountains -> A-tal-aya - Not Levelled and not at Sear Surface.