Friday, November 27, 2009

Dan Brown's Angels and Demons

It is now a well accepted fact, that Christianity borrows from the Pagan Religions.

What does Pagan mean? Pagan - paakan - The Pure one or the ripe one. Later it became a derogatory meaning for village folks, for the not so modern folks, for folks worshiping something that was not the main stream religion and perhaps doing rituals akin to black magic and Vadoo, thanks to the propaganda of the Roman Church.

Who is less likely to convert? The village or the city dwellers? Who would be more loyal to their ancestor's religion? Who would be more pure? Who would be ripe with their ancestor's religion? The answer comes in the favor of the villagers or the folks from the ancestor's land and the fore fathers belonging to the same land, even after their migration to newer lands. Only the later generations convert to new traditions.

In the Scene where Padrees lead the casket of the dead pope and there is a long shot, one would note an oval path with the entrance passage, where the cardinals are shown leading a procession. Around the center of the oval passage is the Obelisk. What we are seeing are the symbols "Yoni" and "Lingam" - the symbols of Female and Male Principle. In my blog, I have shown these symbols to be worshiped thought the world. Please check "In Search of Cradle of Civilization" and the blog, Sand Dunes of Space and Time.

Now some more stuff with Sanskrit words and other symbolism.

Vatica - vaatika - A place full of gardens and dwelled by Munis, Seers, Saints.

Safron Color of Robes - Indian Priest class wears the same.

The difference is one looks modern and the other looks ancient. This itself tells us the vector of civilization. In the old place, people do not change, and in the new worlds, things from the old world are borrowed but put in modern context.

There is something strange borrowings going on here when one compares Greek and Egypt Orthodox Religion vs Roman Catholic Church, when we compare the color of their robes. The black robes go back to the Jews priest class but when one studies Gnostics and Gymno sophists Christians, which was the basis for the foundation of Greek Orthodox Church, we see more traditions akin to the Hindus. (Source Anacalypsis)

It should be noted that Persians were all over Egypt and Iraq, and it is a well accepted fact they have been historically from ancient times our cousins with similar traditions. The same can be said of most of Indo European people.

Then the story goes that the Jews are sects of people from Jain (Gyanis) who were thrown out by Brahmins, may be in the Persian controlled places. Now the western history says, Jews left off from Babylon. This was before their captures by Egyptian and Persian Kings. It is to be noted that the Greeks's used to call the naked wandering Jain saints from India as Gymno Sophists.

So it is not interesting to see the diffusion of the same source of color of Culture and Religion in different forms?