Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Awe of Wrath Inflicting Mother Nature: The Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami

How precarious is the Human Life on this planet? The current earthquake and the Tsunami shows what wrath the Mother Nature can offer to us as Human Beings. I guess it is part of the Nature rejuvenating itself at expense of the denizens who depend on it. It was one reason, why all Human Civilizations offered "sacrifices" as ways to appease the Divine Principle - or the Mother Nature and the Father Principles.

My heart goes to the Japanese but could not help notice the message of Ying and Yang, of the duality of the Postive and Negative polarization of the same source of Energy, which is seen in many aspects of Reality: North-South Pole, Positive-Negative Charges, Positron-Electron, and so on.

Notice the two whirl pools: One is Clockwise and the other is Anti Clockwise. It is like the (Quantum) Spins of the Electron and Positron/Proton interconnected. I say Quantum because it could not be explained by Classical Physics - but in my text book, I have reconciled Quantum Physics with General Relativity and Classical Physics.

The following picture shows how the two Anti Symmetrical Points seen in "2" Dimensional Space are actually connected as Anti Podal Points in "3" Dimensional Space.