Friday, March 30, 2018

AUM Signs in Sumerian Clay Tablet

Please look at the 3 AUM symbols with green lines next to them on their respective right sides, Please note the consistent "dotted indent" on respective North-East corners to make up for "Chandra Bindu".

Sumeria is Su-Meru-ia and an Aryan state.  The coins and artifacts from Indus Valley and Dwarika are found in Babylonia and Sumeria sites. 

Turkey has had discovery of 12000 years old temple in Goble Tepki and nearby in another temple they found the shaved head stone of a priest with tonso like that of Brahmins. The blog has an article on it.

In Anatolia, some 125 plus years back, they had found a pillar of peace treaty depicting Vedic Gods. 

So this is in line of these facts.