Sunday, June 24, 2018

Lav and Kash - Lavant and Kush/Cassites

Luv and Kush went westward to establish cities like Lahore and Kasoor.
The region of Levant in strictest sense is Syria or Surya and Cassites or kashis are indicative of these princes going and establishing their kingdoms.
They found the stone carving of Ram and Sita in Iraq and also in Italy.
Many Egyptian king and queens called themselves Rami and Seti. Egyptians will get their princesses wives from Hittites or Lebanon or Lavanan who will bear Ramayanic names.
Indians went to Lebanon to make Balbek temple in Lebanon as recorded in their history.
The Brahmi Script and Phoenician script, part of Lebanon is the same. The Phoenicians are called paaNikaN in Vedas.
Interesting Raam, Sita, and KAsh also mean white and lava is from lavaN which is white salt.