Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Power of Love - Is The Root Cause Of The Day


The Nature's Smile Is Like Yours

Happy Valentine's Day - Spread The Word, Spread The Love, Serve The World

The Fading Ancient's Message To Us


val - Sanskrit and Indo European - "bal" - "to show strength". The word "bull" has also come from that. 'p', 'ph', 'b' and 'bh' are labials, and 'v' besides being a Semi Vowel, it is also a labial and soft (all vowels and semivowels are considered soft), and some folks call it "velar'. 'b', 'bh' are Soft Unaspirated, Aspirated Consonants, and Semi Vowel (which are always considered Soft), and "b" and "bh" are Hard Unaspirated and Aspirated Labial Consonants.

vant - Suffix to make a verb root into a Active Past Participle, The suffix is a strong version, and the weak version is "vat" and the Singular version is "vaan".

vant-ii - Sufix to make Feminine.

So the beloved is your "bal-vant-ii', which becomes in Latin and Italian, your "val-ent-ii"

-i-y-an - Suffix for making it Adjective, like adding "ness".

bal-vant-ii-i-yan" -> bal-vant-i-i-yan" -> as "i + i + i" is "i + i"

"bal-vant-i-i-yan" -> "bal-vant-i-y-yan" - as "i + y" is "y + y"

"bal - vant - i - y - yan" -> "bal - vant - i - yan" as "y + y" becomes "y"

"bal - vant - i - yan" -> "bal - vant - yan"

With "a" and "e" being mixed, and "i" and "y" being mixed with each other, and "e" also, and some languages having built in "a" sounds and some needing "a" to have a least sound, only adds confusion to the migration of speech across lands, space of continents and travel of time, and mixing of all kinds of people, from the learned to the vulgar.

SO the word becomes "Valentine", meaing the day, you remember the Power of Love, and also the ladies in your life, including your mother, sister, wife, lover, etc. who all have been your strength. The day that has this property to be remembered is the "Valentines" Day!

Saint Valentine is basically "sant + bal - vant - yan" -> Saint (wonder why you get the word Santa for Santa Claus) who has the Power of Love to all the people he comes across!

This is the reason, I posed, the "The Fading Message of the Ancients" in this Common World Inheritage Blog.


If one uses Active Present Participle endings, "ant", "at" and "an", for Strong and Weak Grade (there is also Middle Grade for other Noun/Adjective Roots like Aatman, PitR, etc.), and for Singular, respectively, then we get "bal-ant-ii" -> "bal-ant-ii-i-yan" -> "bal-ant-ii-y-yan" -> "bal-ant-ii-yan" -> "bal-ant-iy-yan" -> "bal-ant-i-yan" -> "bal-ant-y-yan" -> "bal-ant-yan".

Now "b" gets corrupted to "v", and "y" back to "i", and one adds "a" to "v" and "n" assuming the consonants have also built in sounds, of "a", then it becomes "vaal-ant-ina", and we can see it can then get corrupted to "valentine".


Wonder why every good singer sings the same song almost the same, unless they improvise on the song?

Wonder why every bad singer sings the same song in different unique way?

Have you wondered Speech and Hearing, two parts of Sounds are both training of the Vocals as well as Ear, besides the Timing and Accentuation parts?

This is the reason, all early ancient scholars, Priest Class, and specially the Brahmins of Vedic Period, were also good Singers/Chanters of Hymns, which are now considered Tounge Twisting.

Watch the PBS Show, where they mention South Indians still chanting Pre Vedic Sounds, and why they are still the best reciters of Vedas - the most Ancient Books of Knowledge known to Human Kind that is existing till present time?

Soon we will forget this legacy and inheritance. This is the reason for the sake of knowing how we have come to a present time, for any generation, as part of the question, "Who We Are", or "Who Am I", one needs to mantain the traditions as well, besides changing with the times, which is a tough challenge.