Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Divide, Divide, Divide...Till We All Have Died

Gaza child casualties triple since Israeli ground invasion, UN says

First Gaza damage estimate: $1.4 billion

War in Gaza: Hopes rise for an end to conflict as death toll ...

Do we have double standards? Yes, I think we do. When it comes to our pain, we scream and shout to others. When it comes to the same thing happening to the other side, we see if this is our Friend or Foe.

To any civilized mind, the killings on both sides, Israel and Palestine, is as outrageous as the killings of the innocents in 9/11, 26/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Kashmir, and so on. We have learnt nothing in the last 2500 years of the Recorded History of Human Civilizations.

We forget that this world of ours is one large family. Someone said, "If one of mine dies in violence by my foe, it pains my heart, because I think I am human, and if someone of my foe dies, because of one of ours caused violence, even if inadvertently done, it pains me more because I think I have become the same animal, the way I thought about my foe."

Where has that moral value gone? Social Biological studies have shown that sacrifice is not an ideal virtue to be told in the story books, but more of a necessity, for the betterment of the society.

It is pity, that we define the World of Ours with such a myopic vision. It will just take an Alien Attack for us to reunite, as President Regan once said.

We, the so called civilized societies of the 22nd Century World should put our heads hanging in shame for what we do in the name of religion, civilization, race, color, creed, nation, empire and so on.