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The Story of India

The story of India- Beginnings 1(HQ)

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Hammurabi - The Sun-Moon King of Babylonia

Common Brahmi, Devanagri and Tocharian Alphabets

Common Brahmi And Phoenician Script

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Sumerian and Mt Meru

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Shiva in Europe

Ruther Ford, Ruther Cross - Rudra

King Minos of Crete and Manu of Hindus

Newton Stone, Brahmi Script And Swastika

The show has usual some of western bias from the Colonial Times but it is an informative show.

Like Horse pictures are found in Indian State of Madhya Pradesh Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka caves, and it shows people horse riding. It is dated to 9000 BC and to prehistoric times.

Aryans never buried their dead (just see Troy, Atilla the Hun movies), and if the leader was important, he would be cremated and then a mausoleum created. Rarely he or she will be would be buried and this privileged was limited to people like Saints who would take Samadhis, which was also followed in Indus Valley. They were very land and conservation concious, and this is one of the reasons, they did not find too many skeletons, and the skeltons they found, I have read were supposed to be Radio Active. There is no mention of this.

On on hand the show talks about most ancient M130 Gene Pool in Kerela, about 60,000 BC, and talks about Mantra Chantings which go to pre Vedic Period, with sounds which are before Vedas and can not be related to any other languages known, but a precursor to Sanskrit, then it talks about 2000 BC Aryans, give and take 200-300 years, migrated from Indus Valley to East, and before that they migrated from Turkmenistan and brought Sanskrit, Horses and Chariots. Then it does not mention National Geographic finding that in 40,000 BC, the people from North Western Indian Sub Continent passed into Europe, and all Europeans go back to that, and all Native Americans go back to Asian Stock Pool.

Then it predates Rig Veda to 1500 BC, when Western Scholars have dated it to 2500 BC. Indian experts date it to 10,500 and even 31000 BC based on Astronomical Chartings discussed in Rick and Arth Vedas. There are mention of 28 NakShatras or Constellations and now we have 27, as 1 was lost due to the Earth's Precession Movement. (Will post one day something on this).

The dating of 10500 BC agrees with Kerela find, as well as the recent discoveries of Ice Age related Lost Civilizaitons, Atlantis, and the Land Map of Antarctica when it was not frozen, and the technology used is only to be found in the modern times in the last 50 years. This map was confirmed by the US Army. There is a recent agreement of Ice Age around 10,500 BC, and Sea Levels Rose around 19500 BC. The Myth of Raam dates to 28000 BC as per the Yuga or Ages Calculations and Traditions (plus it gels with the story of Ram Zodiac and its historical dating). One of his brothers, Laxman, has maternal ancestry going to kingdom located near Caspian Sea, (and the name 'kShyap" from Vedic times has roots to that).

It dates Mahabhaarat Epic to 1000 BC, when Western Experts have dated it to 3100 BC, and then there is no mention of Dwarika which dates to the same period of 3100 BC and is part of the Indus Valley Civilization. The Astronomical dating of Mahabhaarata Events described dates it to 3100 BC.

The Havan Kunds, Fire Sacrifice Altar Construction, shown are actually the Tandoori Pits, where you bake the Indian Rotis. This method is still wide spread even in Japan, China, Central Asia, Mongolia, and Asia Minor.

When the show mentions about William Jones, he forgets to mention that Sanskrit was more grammatically copious than the ancient Greek. So how one brother language can be richer than its sister part if they came from the same stock of parent language. And where is this parent language? There is no proof that the language existed. If Kerela Brahmins can preserve the Pre Vedic Sounds, dating 10,500 BC, then I am sure that language would have survived somewhere. The only possible explanation is that Greek (and Latin) is a child language of Sanskrit and the language of immigrants' children as they migrated west wards from India. This effect is still seen in English, where British English is richer in idiomatic usuage and expression, and American English is does not match the British English. Similarly the Hindi my mother could speak, I can not speak and match, and similarly my children speak poorer Hindi than me. The same effect can be seen in Bollywood movies of different generations.

One can argue that Sanskrit and Vedic Sanskrit (which has less differences than what is between Shakespeare English and Victorian English) were perfected from non vowel to vowel oriented, which explains why Aramaic, Coptic and Ancient Greek had no vowels based scripts but that argument fails considering it is for some reason called Deva Bhaasya or Samskritam (meaning well polished). There is another school of thought that the language came from the (Demi) Gods from other planets as did the genetic pool of man-kind (their is a missing link of millions of years of evolution between Man and Ape from the Anti Darwin School). Or this language was perfected in Atlantis, Antarctica, or North Pole long time back around 10,500 BC.

Modern Historian still judge the ancient history by the race and color, and current political and cultural divisions. The Rivers in Uzzbekistan, Surya (Sun) and Soma (Moon) Daryia, but being spelled as "Ammu" Dariya (because of confusion in "Sh" -> "h" Rule, and "a" sound, being the Guttaral Soft version and cousin to "h" sound, besides it being confused with the Mother Principle, and the word is for mother is "Amma" or "Maa"). Aryans treated Sun as the Father Principle, and the Earth as the Mother Principle. They were the Suryas. The Desert people, obviously would worship "Moon" (because who would like Sun in the hot Desert), and sometimes it would be equated with the Mother Principle, and if one follows the Odiepus Complex, the Romantic Lover's Object of Adoration and Veneration. It is for this reason, that Moon has been also Romantically adored a lot in the Islamic and Arabian (A-Ravi-ya) cultures. This also reflects that the Central Asia first was Vedic (Brahma-nic and Surya-as) and then it became Islamic (A-Brahma-an and A-Surya-as). Check out postings on Kushan Dynasty (kShana) and Tocharians. (TuShara or Xinjiang) and see the scripts and its closeness with Sanskrit. The intermixing has gone on for eons, between the North and South, and Between India and West, and between Central Asia and Mongolia and China and Tibet.

Just one generation changes the features of the people, and I have seen this among Sindhis (who migrated from Western Sindh of Pakistan post partition of India in 1947) turning from "white" complexion to "darker" complexion. My maternal grandmother looked like any present Austrian lady (I met one who looked like her), and my Dad looked like a Greek-Persian-European (as once I saw a poster of an European Pilot who just looked like him) but some of my cousins and one of my own brothers had "darker" features and more "mongolid" looks (check out the eyes of Imran Khan, the "fat" nose of Sharukh Khaan even with high ridge and sharp nose, and "rounded" nose of Hritikh Roshan and Amitaabh Bachhan (who has "darker" complextion vs the sharp nose of Vindo Khanna). So the intermixing of genes is like the Complex 3D Wave and we breaking it into 3D Fourier Components and dating them as M130, M25 and M45 pools and so on but one can not look at this them on isolated basis, and one is a mixture of all!.