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Achievements of the Ancients

                         Achievements of the Ancients

Background Posting

Hidden Archealogy

(Courtesy: Dr.P.V. Vartak, Pune, India)

Medical Sciences

Knowledge Ancient Reference Modern
--------- ----------------- --------------
Plastic Surgery (Repair of nose Sushruta A German
by the skin flap on forehead) (4000 - 2000 B.C.E) (1968 A.D.)

Artificial Limb RigVed (1-116-15) 20th Century

Chromosomes Cunavidhi(Mahabharat) 1860-1910 A.D.
(5500 BCE)

Number of Chromosomes (23) Mahabharat-5500 BCE 1890 A.D.

Combination of Male and Female Shrimad Bhagwat 20th Century
chromosomes in zygote (4000 B.C.E)

Analysis of Ears RigVed Labyrinth
Eitereya Upanishad 1925
(6000 BCE)

Beginning of the Foetal Heart Eitereya Up. Robinson, 1972
in the second month of pregnancy Shrimad Bhagwat

Parthenogenesis Mahabharat 20th Century

Test Tube Babies
a) from the ovum only Mahabharat Not possible yet

b) from the sperm only Mahabharat Not possible yet
c) from both ovum and sperm Mahabharat Steptoe, 1979

Elongation of Life in Shrimad Bhagwat Not yet
Space Travel

Cell Division (in 3 layers) Shrimad Bhagwat 20th Century

Embryology Eitereya Upanishad 19th Century
(6000 BCE)

Micro-organisms Mahabharat 18th Century

A material producing a disease S-Bhagwat (1-5-33) Haneman,18thCent.
can prevent or cure the disease
in minute quantity

Developing Embyro in Vitro. Mahabharat 20th Century

Life in trees and plants Mahabharat Bose,19thcent.

16 Functions of the Brain Eitereya Upanishad 19-20th Cent.

Definition of Sleep Prashna-Upanishad 20th Century
Patanjali Yogsootra


Physical Sciences

Knowledge Ancient Reference Modern Reference
--------- ----------------- ----------------
Velocity of Light RigVed 19th Century
Sayan Bhashya (1400 A.D)

Trans-Saturnean Planets Mahabharat (5500 B.C) 17-19th Century

Space Travel to another Shrimad Bhagwat Under Trials
solar system (4000 B.C)

Gravitational Force Prashnopanishad 17th Century
(6000 B.C)
(500 B.C)

Ultravoilet Band Sudhumravarna ---
(Mundakopanishad - M.U)

Infra-red Band Sulohita (M.U) ---

Tachyons faster than light Manojava (M.U) Sudarshan, 1968

Nuclear Energy Spullingini (M.U) 20th Cent.

Black Holes Vishvaruchi (M.U) 20th Century

Monsoon at Summer Solstice RigVed (23720 B.C) ---

Entry in South America by Valmiki Ramayan ---
Aeroplanes (7300 B.C)

Phosphorescent Trident at V.Ramayan 1960 A.D.
the Bay of Pisco, Peru,

Aeroplanes RigVed ---
Samarangan Sutradhara
(1050 A.D.)

Robot Samarangan Sootradhara ---

Atom (Divisible) Shrimad Bhagwat Dalton
(4000 B.C.) 1800 A.D.

Subatomic Particles (Electr, Shrimad Bhagwat(4000 BC) Thomas,
Proton,Neutron and other) (Param-Mahan) Chadwick (20th

Genesis of Universe RigVed (>10000 B.C.) Gamaow,
(Nasadeeya Sootra)

Atom Bomb Mahabharat (5500 B.C) 1945 A.D.

Sound Energy used to powder Mahabharat (Vajrastra) Gavreau, 1964

Mercury as energy source for Samrangan Sutradhara Indian Express,
aeroplanes 20-10-1979 A.D

North Pole Valmiki Ramayan Piery, 1909 A.D

Antartica Valmiki Ramayan Piery, 1950 A.D
Premordial matter from RigVed (>10000 B.C.) 20th Century
which the universe emanated (Ambha)

Formations of premordial RigVed (>10000 B.C) Gammow, 1950
matter (Ambha-Nasadeeya)

Natural Cycle of Water RigVed (>10000 B.C) 19th Cent.
Valmiki Ramayan

Physical Sciences

Electricity (DC) Mitra/Varuna-Teja/Agasti 18th Cent.

Water Analysis by Agasti (Prana+Udana) 19th Cent.
electricity (H2 + O)

Electroplating Agasti 19th Cent.

Vega becoming Pole Star Mahabharat (Vanaparva) ---

Seven Colors in sunrays RigVed (8-72-16) ---

Black Spots on the Sun Valmiki Ramayan ---

Temporary Bridge on Sea Valmiki Ramayan ---

Equinox's and Solstice's RigVed (10-18-1) ---

Meteors "Ulka" AtharvaVed (19-9) ---

Pythagorus Theorm Sulbha Sootra (800 BC) Pythagorus, 500

Comet (at Mula) Valmiki Ramayan ---

Mars in Aldebaren V.Ramayan not occured in
"Breathing" of a Star RigVed (Nasadeeya) Gamov, 1950

Gravity and Heat Production RigVed (Nasadeeya) Gamov, 1950
in a Star

Order of origin of space, RigVed, Upanishads ---
gases, heat, water and earth

Life on Earth Mahabharat, Puranas Salem, Jogesh
1.7 X 10^10 years Pati-10^10 years

Layers of Atmosphere accor- V.Ramayan (Kish.8) ---
ding to specific gravity

Microscope Mahabharat (5500 BC) 16th Century