Sunday, September 13, 2009

Danish Prime Minister Rasmussen - raam-iSheN

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Rasmusen is corruption of Sanskrit word "raam-iSheN", were "S(h)" and "N" are Cerebral (Tounge Rolled Backwards) Sound for Sibiliant "s" and Nasal "n".

To an uninitiated speller, it is very easy to mix vowels like "i" with "u", and mix vowels like "a" with sibiliant sounds - as a local practice and habit. So 'a' becomes "ah" or "as".

It means "By the Love of the God or Ram". In Denmark there have been discoveries of Buddhist Artifacts as reported by Discovery Channel.

In past they have found presence of Shiva-like God in Dennish Artifacts and even mention of Swastika and Gold coins with Sanskrit-like language in the Gold coins found in Denmark.