Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mystery of Giants Linked with Shortened Days?

Is Earth the inifinite sink of Sun's Energy for approximately last 4.5 Billion years? Even if approximate 50% of energy is dissipated back, what is happening to the rest of energy? Is it increasing in growing Mass reflected in Flora and Fauna, and perhaps other kinds of chemical and nuclear reactions in the core? If Mass is increasing, Earth would be coming closer to Sun, and have faster spins and rotations. It is just like Sun and the Solar System falling closer to the center of the Milky way. So, is the duration of the days and seasons getting further reduced? Is it associated with the giant trees and animals of the past, as longer day would mean more photo synthesis for trees to grow, and reflected up in the food chain? Does this explain the myths of Giant Man from the past, which are there in many cultures? And that gene survives and manifest sometimes sparsely? In Mahabhart's time, it is said man was young at the age of 60. Then there is the reference to Ghatotakach the giant. In Ramayana's time, the duration of man's life was much longer. There are some National Geography references and some sites where they show Giant Human remains and pictures of recent living or dead human beings. There are also some rock based construction sites where the size of the rock defies the current size of man.

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