Sunday, August 21, 2011

Zero Spin Higgs Particle

Woke up this morning thinking of Zero Spin Higgs Particle - the God's Particle. In my book, I have shown that the Reality is a 2 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 Dimensional Gyroscope - using Science and not invalidating any experiment till now. It is there - half here and half there - like a wave in the Ocean with a counter part wave under the Ocean! It would take Infinite Amount of Energy in the Accelerators to ev...en trap it. And to detect it, we must destroy ourselves!! We only see the "Universe" in one of the factors above, out of the 4 Factors there. This also explains, why we only can account for 25% of Universe's Matter and Energy - and rest of it now being called by Science as Dark Energy, with some 2% or 3% as Dark Matter! What gives us Conciousness is the same Conciousness that makes this Universe - but our journey adds layers of modifications of Mind, Intellect, Ego - and in Yogic Lore, it is the Samskaaras, Chit, Manas and Ahamkaar. When we traverse back through Yogic and Spiritual Practices, we transcend that, and this is what the Indian Seers, the Saints, the Prophets, etc. manage to do to get to the Truth! The Truth reveals itself when you identify yourself with Truth! This is how the Vedas were revealed. When they say, the Akashic Records had Vedas written, this is what it means. Kundalini Awakening is that Awakening to the Other Side, which can kill you, and a few survive. I survived over 3 years. You get tuned to an unknown Energy, which Shaolin Masters exploit to demonstrate impossible human feats!