Saturday, March 5, 2016

Why We Find Pyramids All Over The World

First it points to a common connected civilization of people.  This points to (Proto) Indo Euorpeans or Vedic People, while spreading across the globe and also mixing with local cultures.

The myth of Mt. Meru is here reconstructed.  The mountains are always different from plains.  If one goes to Himalayan heights, one would hear a different world.  You would feel the weather, the breeze, and hear the thunders, and many different kind of sound reverberating.  In my visit to Himalayas, I would hear the sounds of the past, the distant chantings mixed with the thunderings of the nature. The whole thing is very mystical being played by Nature.

Now if one goes to the Cave under a mountain, one finds a canonical space, and the place is very stable in temprature, and also cooler than outside when it is hot, and less cold than outside when cold.This is one of the reasons why Rishis of India retired to caves.

Now let us see what happens in case of Pyramid. We know as we go up in the height, the temperature drops and the wind picks up.   Now imagine the tip as Minimal Space Point has Min Temperature and Max Wind Factor.  The base of the Pyramid is Maximum Space Point which has Max Temperature and Mim Wind Factor.  This creates a vortex of Energy Flow from Top to Bottom inside the Pyramid and Bottom to Top Outside.  If one creates enough ventilating holes in the top and shafts, which serve the purpose of carrying the wind, and also the light, it would create a Living Air Conditioning System.  This makes sense for Kings to make it a living quarter, perhaps as a living God in simulated Mt. Meru.  And if you cap the Pyramid Top with a Gold, Silver or Copper Sheet, it would reflect the Sun Light, and make it more cooler. This I call is Change in Natural Gradient of Temperature. At the Apex it would also create a Vortex Energy Wave. Both phenomenon have been confirmed by Thermal Imaging of Giza Pyramid and studies of Vortex Waves at Bosnian Pyramid's Apex

Now if one goes the Indian Temple Architecture, which mimics the Mt. Meru Concept, it is the same princple.  The central inner chamber, or sanctum sanctorum, where it is called the place of God, in Temples and Pyramids, then it all adds up.The same Architectural concept was later caught up with Cathedrals.  BTW, one would also find the Europeans to have Proto Indic Gods which are still worshiped in India.