Friday, March 10, 2017

Who was Hanuman? Who was First Human?

On Hanuman being worshiped in to address the criticism..

First tell them Hinduism is not a Polytheist Religion but a Polymorphic Religion. The same Universal Life Energy expresses in many various forms. Some forms are Evolved Principle for a certain aspect of Nature.

When my kids were going to Middle School, there was this ridiculous "Pro Abraham-ic Reaction", that any Hindu Child would have felt Humiliated.

It said next time you see a Hindu pray to the Monkey God, and you look around, you would see Hanuman floating around! To something like that.

I have over the years wondered who was Hanuman? First thing I learned that the word "Human" is connected with "Ha(n)uman"!

Then Hinduism is not a Religion but the way of life of Ancient Indians since the Dawn of the Time, the Ancients were all loving to all forms of life. This is the principle behind Vedanta.

So in the Ancient Times, there were Giants, and there were Ape Man, and they were like Hanuman, Yeti, Barefoot, Sasquatch, Big Foot, and so on. If you go to Youtube, and dig the Documentary on the Giants, you would realize just in recent past, they discovered a well preserved Giant Skeleton who looked like a Monkey!

Like Indians, the Mayans worshiped Elephants and Monkeys. Their Temple formations was also similar. It is because Ancient Indians also spread out all over Globe. There is enough evidence on this.

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