Saturday, April 8, 2017

Indra's Temple in Lebanon

I am not in mode of History. But Hittites are Vedic Aryans hidden from Britishers and the Indian Historians of JNU kinds did not teach this to us.

I think this is mispronounced or misspelled like many by the West. For example Angor Wat is Ankur Vaat or Seedling or Birth Place (of Energy or Divine Mother Energy or Feminine Principle). In Ancient Egypt, this also meant the same.

I think this is Temple of Indra and not A In Dara. The sound of "A" is most confusing in Linguistics, like Ram and Rama.

The other thing to be noted is the giant Foot Print. My father would always tell me about the past Giants. In British Indi, they discovered Giant Shelton as found all over the world. have a different theory for this. It has to do with earth gathering mass, spinning faster and getting closer to Sun. Similar foot print has been found in South India Temple. Also a much bigger foot print has been found that is almost half the size of average man.

Near Kanour IIT, place call Bithoor, in a temple they keep two or three arrow heads which are of size of 2x to 3x of a close fist of an average person. The ASI and Govt of UP Certifies that they were found in the bed of Ganges.