Sunday, September 24, 2017

On Idol Worship and Polytheism

On Idol Worship and Polytheism..

The concept of "murti" is from the concept of "mirror". Note "mirror" is a corruption of "mUrt". 

The Microcosm is nothing but reflection of the Macrocosm. Like our Body housing trillions of microbes and bacteria as lives, the Macrocosm was hosting trillions of lives like us.

To worship the Macro cosmic God, we resorted to Reflections of Devas or Semi Gods who represented many different aspects of the Nature. Then we saw God everywhere in all kind of forms. So we are not Poly Theists but Poly Morphic Principle Worshipers,

The word is connected with "mURat" or the Auspicious Time or "Kaal". Every time is a reflection if Itself and the Feminine Form is "mURati" or "Kaali".