Saturday, October 16, 2010

Vedic Astronomy

The Author of this Video Posting on Youtube has a PhD from a top and prestigious US University, with many academic publications, and before becoming a ISCON member. I had read his book Vedic Astrology some 16 years back, and it is backed by a lot of data. The choice of words to the modern ear are "jarring" but they have scientific and symbolic relationship, which the Ancients used.

Please see what Astronomy means in Sanskrit. It is "astra-namaya", which means Tool For Naming. Astronomy had a very significant basis in celebrating Festivals, predicting Harvest Seasons, and also in giving names to a newly born child.

20 years back, I came across this fact that the Precession of the Earth was known to Ancient Chinese and Indians and their Astrology accounted for this, e.g., your Zodiac sign will change depending on the year born, versus, in the Western Astronomy, which was based on Egyptian and then Greek Astronomy, where the Precession was not known and accounted for in deciding one's Zodiac sign, e.g., it would remain the same regardless of the year you were born.

The Vedic number of Precession Cycle comes very close to the modern Scientific one, which has only been discovered in last few decades. Why this knowledge was lost to the Egyptians and Greeks is because of "migration of generations" from their original lands of their Fore Fathers, and "n'th degree information".

Beyond the current Political and Religious Boundaries, there is some truth to the Aryan Invasion, and their some truth to the zeal of Indo biased Historians. To which son/daughter do you ascribe the true "inheritance" has been an age old problem? To one which "belongs to a geography" and "physically resembles forefathers", or to the one who has "carried forward the knowledge and values of their forefathers"?

Regardless, ancient Indo European Aryans is a modern term and we need to go and look at these people beyond Race, Religion and Political Boundaries.

In this sense, the most Ancient Sounds, still kept alive are in Kerela, which the original ancestors from Africa carried. These sounds were the mimicking sounds of the Nature. Then the Vedic Sounds and Traditions have truly been kept alive by the people of Kerela, South India, as they have been least affected by the constant influx of "attacks and immigration" fron the North West. The "True Believers" kept migrating south, which can be seen in modern history of the region. Like at one time Tachuria (Xiang) and Tibet was part of Jammu Kashmir State but now part of China. This is the nature of Political Boundaries which brings Cultural influences. We need to look this beyond it, and look it as one Human Race. The division is the nature of the Nature before the cycle ends to rebegin.

The number 423,000, is a LCM of many Astronomical cycles and known to many cultures, from Nordics, to Greeks and Babylonians (but it changed to Mythological stories based variations). This all points to constant migration of the Human Race as it fights for its survival. Humans have been here for a long time on the Planet and in existence!