Saturday, October 2, 2010

Yoni Worship in Siberia.

This is connected with the world-wide myth of the floods in all civilizations of the world.

They migrated North in 40,000 BC according to DNA traces.

Please note the ratio of the sides and "enterance", which I think is related to the Mandala of the Vedas, as much as I recall.

I will give more evidence to prove this more sometime.

In Siberia

I knew about this for some years and got it back by searching for "Temple in Siberia" in Google Images.

Picture of Angor Wat (Cambodia - discovered in Forest by Frenchman in 1800's after being lost to local forest)

Compare the pictures and let them do the talking. It is the principle of worship of the "Mother Nature" - which goes by Shakti or Energy principle. It is the Female part of Male-Female or Ying-Yang principle. Think of Particle and Anti-Particle opposites principle found at many layers of reality.

Now see this well known Yoni Worship Water-Fall place, near Angor Wat, where the rock-bed in the river-let has been carved out with many images of the Yoni, and it is one of them. I had seen this on a video show on Angor Wat by History, Discovery, or PBS channel.

Could this be related to the reported Indo Aryans migration southwards from North Asia in 10,000 BC when reported Last Ice Age happened? It shows water levels rising afterwards.

Now if you think, this is hocus-pocus, watch this video of a recent finding in Russia called Arkaim.

The root "Ark" means Sun - the Father Principle for Ancients, Sun's Path, Oblation to the Mother Principle, where in Vedas the act of pro-creation has been compared to an Yagna - a Fire Sacrifice).

According to the Russian Archealogist who found this site, who was commended by President Putin, the word means "Mountain Shaft that reaches Heavens/Gods". It is the Mt. Meru myth and the same principle as the Lingam, or the Father/Mother Principle. In Sanskrit "Shila" means "Lingam like Rock". "Ya, Ra, La, Va" are semi-vowels, and "l" and "v" can interchange and it becomes "Shiva - the Father Principle".


Now check this painting from Petra, which depicts a child playing flute in Temple.
Read on Indian Soldiers reports of Krishna like God temples in Egypt in World War I (source Anacalypsis).

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