Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Wisdom of the Ancients - Sperm And Sarpam,

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This article explains why Snake Worship was prelevant among Ancients, and perhaps they knowledge of Medical Science of Production was as advanced as us, specially when it came to the knowledge of Estrogen and Sperm.

Have you wondered why Shiva has been shown with so many garlands of Snakes?

Wondered why Greek Omphallos looks like Lingam?

Wondered why Pharos had Snake Hoods on their Crowns?

Why some times, Shiva is shown as Half Man and Half Woman, and Greek God Dionysys is mentioned of being Man-Female? He is also mentioned of Greeks admitting their God came from India and associated with Balrama.

For Ancients, the Sound and Words were very sacred and carried a lot of meaning and symbolism. It was as sacred as the Science of Music and Singing. All good Singers singing a Song would sound close and almost same, but bad singers would sound different. Same thing went about the sound of words, their spelling, and associated Symbolism. This was also associated with the knowledge of grammar and other fields of knowledge.

Life follows sometimes Fiction, and sometimes Fiction follows Life. So we can not say if Shiva was a name of some Legendery Figure who was an Incarnation of the God Principle or was Divinised by his followers, as the case often happens, and who happen to belong to the Masses. Obviously the Masses represent the Average and not knowledgeable of the Sacred Knowledge.

In Ancient Times, the Priest Class was the carrier of the Sacred Knowledge, and even in the generations of this class, there was dilution of the knowledge. If you look at the Field of Computing or even Medicine, you would see the early pioneers and practioners had wider understanding of different aspects of the Field, but later on their focus became narrowed and would take other aspects of their Field as Given and Abstract.

So the Male Principle of Divine Worship, is associated with the Regeneration of Life. All objects, associated with this principle, were worshipped in the Ancient Times. So Sun, Solar Equinoxes and Solistices, "Lingam", etc., symbolize that.

Snake in Sanskrit is "Sarpam" from the world Serpent. The sound of "r" in its combinations of "Ri", "ar" and "ra", besides other combinations with other vowels, is very confusing to an untrained ear and mouth, and to the uninitiated. Even I would be a victim of this confusion for many years till I trained myself in Sanskrit and learnt the Science behind it. Then everything made sense to me!

So the word "Sperm" is nothing but corruption of the world "Sarpam". Now we all know how the Sperm looks like! It is in a shape of a Snake!!